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  1. longwayhome

    Your All Time, Absolute BEST Camino Moment!

    These ones are positive supermodels by comparison!
  2. longwayhome

    Your All Time, Absolute BEST Camino Moment!

    Of course the fabulous merino was bred in Extremadura it’s just that this lot looked like no merino I ever saw !
  3. longwayhome

    Your All Time, Absolute BEST Camino Moment!

    I feel a little "sheepish" recounting my special moments. I was trudging tiredly out of Boadilla in over 30 deg, in a stone walled one lane dirt road when I had to stop and spread eagle against a wall to allow a large tractor to pass. The roar and clatter barely cleared when I was enveloped in a...
  4. longwayhome

    Have you encountered accidents on the Camino?

    I just read your blog post and was literally just a few minutes ahead of you . I met Dublin Debbie and Rozanne that day at San Juan de Ortegas - I took a selfie of the three of us which Rozenn is using as her profile pic. I likely nearly tripped over you too. It seems amazing we were all there...
  5. longwayhome

    On this date in September...

    Two years ago today I found walking past this misty graveyard a little unnerving...
  6. longwayhome

    COVID COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    This announcement could not come fast enough in my opinion as a health care worker. Its here. The official numbers are not the same as the number of cases. My country is still in containment phase and likely to shift to "mitigation" soon. We are a couple of weeks behind Spain and a couple more...
  7. longwayhome

    Talking about work while on the Camino

    My experience was that it will matter little once you are out there and some magic may even happen as you reconnect with yourself. I was quite concerned about this issue before my Camino Frances because I was professionally exhausted and I really needed a break from anyone asking me for advice...
  8. longwayhome

    COVID 2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

    Yes , yes and yes. I am cancelling my Via francigena for these reasons and likely quarantine /flight delays .
  9. longwayhome

    COVID Corona Virus Discussion Thread (continued)

    I whole heartedly agree ! The small health centres and rural hospitals in villages inhabited by many elderly and vulnerable people will struggle to cope, and I say that as a medical practitioner in a well prepared country where we are about to face an onslaught that has us quaking in our shoes...
  10. longwayhome

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    The main factual points as I see them are : 1. The situation is updating by the hour world wide . 2. The virus is now proven to be present in Europe with the presence of lockdowns, quarantines and attempted contact tracing disrupting normal travel. The effects on small villages are currently...
  11. longwayhome

    Was this cheating?

    To me cheating means deliberately flaunting a rule set by yourself or someone else. Are there rules? Who set them? Or are these rather, just personal expectations of yourself that might need a little adjustment . Cheating is very different from choosing to go a little easier here and there on...
  12. longwayhome

    Bon courage, Aussie pilgrims...

    Thank you so much. I have been so heartened by the love and donations from all around the world to our families, our fire fighters and our amazing wildlife. Fires to the north and fires to the south, so depending which way the wind blows, we sweat or we breathe here in the middle of two fire...
  13. longwayhome

    Did Pilgrims use iPhones?

    A few mega bytes later , some Siri-ous sins and Pilgrimage was born! The joy is that it continues to endure in this technological age. Toting my iPhone underlines that feeling of continuity through this digital age and into the next hopefully.
  14. longwayhome

    Did Pilgrims use iPhones?

    So, we have always been the same .. some go on Camino, some go on Pilgrimage, and the choice is up to the individual. I felt surprised to learn that my inner journey could be perhaps incomplete, and that I am making a Camino, but perhaps not a pilgrimage if I take selfies, or pictures of a...
  15. longwayhome

    Did Pilgrims use iPhones?

    Looking at your questions " Are Pilgrims loading up on technology?"..well no , I didn't see so much "technology" as in GPS, laptops, solar powered rechargers etc, toted by overburdened pilgrims. Only smart phones (and perhaps a few tablets)..'cause I suppose they are , well.... smart..small ...