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Recent content by LouLou

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    Selection of good threads about the Via de la Plata (VDLP) and Camino Sanabrés

    Thank you so much @C clearly all my reading prep at my finger tips for 🤞🙏 next November to finish the VDLP (if Australia opens it boarders and I can leave/return with ease).....
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    The Camino will be waiting...Australians

    Hi all, I’m in Brisbane lockdown.... my planned 4th Camino in 2020 was cancelled, I had hoped for 2021, hope quickly dried up.... fingers crossed for the VdLP November 2022... maybe I need to cross more than fingers! I had my second AZ yesterday, didn’t hesitate when it became available for my...
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    Has anyone tried Silverlight hiking socks?

    I have two pair purchased pre pandemic - ankle and regular. No drama shipping to Australia. Bought them to test out, I also have pairs of Icebreaker, wrightsocks, Injinji, thorlo etc. I found the silverlight comfortable to wear, well cushioned, have walked through local wetlands in ankle...
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    Correct Backpack Fitting and Backpack Adjustments

    Thanks Dave always helpful advice. @cindyjo I love my Aarn packs as well, (I have 3... from day pack and up)
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    Go Your Own Way - Free Download

    Thanks John, I look forward to reading. 😃
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    The Camino Forum as an App

    Works a treat! Thanks Ivar.
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    On this date in October...

    On 3 October 2018 on the Francés. Walked Nájera to this place, Ermita de Carrasquedo (turn left at Grañon 😉)
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    A few words from me today (July 27th 2020)

    Yes Ivar we are watching from Australia, reading the updates each day, my camino from Porto cancelled in May. I send many good wishes and thoughts to Portugal and Spain, and hope our borders are open by October next year so I can finish my via de la Plata as planned. Keep safe everyone.
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    Uncollected parcels in Santiago

    Bless you Ivar, for all you do for us pilgrims 🙏
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    Cheap but fine equipment

    I used one on the Frances in 2018, not too many rainy days but it did the job very well!
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    Money Issues on the CF

    Thanks Kanga :)
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    Money Issues on the CF

    I’m tossing up bringing my ING card from Aus when I walk Sept-Oct, do they charge an international $? Cheers Lou
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    Aarn packbags

    I have an older Peak Aspiration, took a little adjusting, a few days ‘dancing’ with my pack. Worked out beautifully. Accompanied me on 2 caminos SJdPP to SdC, going for number 3 end of September/October this year. No regrets on purchasing the Aarn.
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    Aarn packbags

    Hi, Another fan of the Aarn pack. I have a peak aspiration (s) that has accompanied me on two caminos from SJDP (2004, 2009). It will walk with me again a section for de Plata and the full Francés again this year. I didn’t use the front pockets, my minimising the temptation to fill them and...