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    Level of fitness

    I saw many women in their 70 doing the Camino, and they were just fine. Just take it slow and steady, start with 10 or 15 kilometers then work your way up
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    Not sure if I need to review my pack list - advice needed

    Re: Not sure if I need to review my pack list - advice neede
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    Contact with People at Home

    I did a lot of backpacking over the course of that year, and the cheapest option for phoning home by far for me was buying a long distance phone card in the country that I was in, and using it to make calls from pay phones
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    Where, when and how did you hear about the camino?

    someone mentioned it to me in passing, I took a book out of the library, thought it looked cool and just did it! It wasn't as big a decision for me as it may be for other people here, as it was part of a year-long backpacking tour of Europe and Australia, this was just another memorable step.
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    last minute packing advice

    string! clothes pegs! ear plugs! Moleskin! Bandaids! Polysporin! All those items made things so much easier for me, until they ran out because I was forever giving them away to people who forgot them
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    every albuerge will have 4 or 5 snorers, guaranteed it's more the responsibility of the people annoyed by it. I was, so I bought ear-plugs. Worked like a charm.
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    Do we bring the bag?

    not all albuerges have blankets, and often the blankets themselves are...well... pretty disgusting, I don't think they get washed that often and bed bugs are known to exist in them, so I'd definitly reccomend taking a sleeping bag
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    Pamplona accomodation

    I can't remember what the name was, but I stayed in a little hotel while backpacking there for 15 euros a night, it was a tiny room, but it was nicely furnished and CHEAP
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    is spanish amost on route ,,

    I got by with Cerveza and Bocadilla (sandwitch) but I kinda wish I knew more, you can get more of the culture if you have a basic grasp on the language
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    sleepbag/sleepsac dilemma.

    I did it in June, and at times it could get pretty chilly my bag went down to 5 degrees C, so it was fine, but you may want to err to the heavier side
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    70L Backpack Too Big?

    I used a 25 litre backpack, which worked really well for me on the longer days of walking the towns are close enough to each other that you never have to worry about carrying food, and if you have an ultralite sleeping bag then that won't use much space either.
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    A few questions

    Galicia was one of the most beautiful parts of the Camino rolling hills, eucalypt forests (why there's eucalypt forests in spain beats me, but they sure smell nice), and mountains to climb really, all of Galicia is amazing scenery
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    obtaining cash

    I just used ATMs along the way you can get lists of which towns have ATMS, not all do
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    What do guys sleep in

    I started the Camino after living in hostels for some months, sharing a room with 8 people to sharing a room with 180 (Albuerge in Roncenvalles) did nothing for my modesty so I just did boxer shorts as for sleeping bags and stuff, I brought just a ultralite sleeping bag, it was good down...
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    Has anyone ever cheated.....?

    if people bus across the Meseta then I would not hold it against them seriously, loved every minute of it, but some of the routes through the industrial agricultural areas weren't exactly visually spectacular