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Recent content by Lucy Keenan

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    How common are double bed bunks on the CF?

    Sorry, you are absolutely right. I'm being over sensitive! Navigating blogs can be so difficult sometimes and it's easy to get the wrong end of the stick or take umbridge where it's not intended.
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    How common are double bed bunks on the CF?

    If you are a woman walking on her own and it's the only albergue within your plan and you can't walk further, it's not exactly a choice. And it's really not funny either. The emoji about having communal showers is belittling what I'm trying to say. I've walked five caminos solo and at the end...
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    How common are double bed bunks on the CF?

    I remember the same. Still not OK as it was forcing people that didn't know each other to almost be sharing the same bed.
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    wax stamp

    I got the very same. An amazing place snd fantastic artist. I'm so glad you posted these photos as I regretted not taking a photo myself.
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    Bypassing Sarria to get to Santiago

    Maybe if you are worried about the sharia bit, book your beds and book between the "stages"
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    Ribadeo Bridge

    I hate all the bridges, especially the ones going over the motorways. Put your head down and put one foot in front of another. Take deep breaths, counting if you will and dont look over the sides. Good luck.
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    What I Learned from Walking Alone

    Walked 4 caminos on my own. Just great to make decisions in the moment and just decide as and when. Also have met some wonderful people along the way.
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    Starting the Camino del Norte at the end of August

    Interesting. What sort of accommodation are you staying in?
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    Carabiners or “S” hook?

    I took a carabiner, but safety pins are the best
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    COVID Camino Portuguese right now, Lisbon vs. Porto start

    I think it's just the first day out if Lisbon that's not great. Otherwise theres some amazing sites.
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    The metal pedestrian bridge

    That's the one!
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    The metal pedestrian bridge

    It was pouring with rain when I crossed that one. And traffic going too fast. Or is it a different bridge you are thinking of?
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    The metal pedestrian bridge

    Couldn't believe my eyes when it came into view!
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    COVID Porto Update?

    Who knows what the situation will be like. Portugal is suffering the worst at yhe moment. Everyone thought spring this year (2021) would be fine for camino-ing. And it really won't. Theres also the worry with different variants. Let's just hope it wont be too long.
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    Anyone got ideas where to take couple of days break during Camino?

    Baiona definitely. I had a rest day there last year. It was lovely.