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Recent content by Lucy Keenan

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    COVID Porto Update?

    Who knows what the situation will be like. Portugal is suffering the worst at yhe moment. Everyone thought spring this year (2021) would be fine for camino-ing. And it really won't. Theres also the worry with different variants. Let's just hope it wont be too long.
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    Anyone got ideas where to take couple of days break during Camino?

    Baiona definitely. I had a rest day there last year. It was lovely.
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    Video/Pocast 📹If it was me, I would not walk the Camino in September

    Thanks Ivar. Make very good sense.
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    A sign of the times

    How are you finding the Camino. Are the Albergues open? With less capacity?
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    A Coruna or Ferrol (September)

    For sure, I meant they are not private!
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    A Coruna or Ferrol (September)

    It really depends what is open. You need your credentials to stay in municipal albergues.
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    COVID Do you still feel like walking?

    I totally agree with you and I am from the UK as well and should be on the Camino now. I don't think the infrastructure is ready and nor are the locals for an influx of pilgrims. I am really not sure about the future, but COVID 19 has destroyed the spirit of the Camino, but I guess there will be...
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    Just want to share my joy

    Let us know how you get on. 👣🚶‍♂️
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    Walking the coastal way this June-July

    Check out accommodation before you go. It's not like other caminos. Accommodation is not as plentiful, especially on the coastal route. Having said that, if you can make it work at this point in time, it's amazing.
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    Just want to share my joy

    Yes, totally agree. I walked last August 2019. A completely different feel to it than the Frances.
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    Camino Skies (new film)

    I was looking at the curzon email yesterday. Guardian review wasnt great. Even said the photography and landscape filming not good which is what I wanted to ignite those old memories.
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    COVID COVID-19: Current Camino Conditions

    I think you will find everything closed by then unfortunately.
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    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    Here you go:
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    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    Good news for everyone that preferred the old Buen Camino App is available. They have been in touch and have said: "We are working hard to make this app better than the old one. To make it easier for those of you who don't like the change, we have provided a link on the description of the app...
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    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    I emailed them back in January and was assured they are working on it. The great old functionality will be back and it will be better. We still wait though. It's so annoying as the route planner was great. The person responsible for that bit had left the organization. If it's not broken, don't...