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Recent content by Lydia Gillen

  1. Lydia Gillen

    Lost & Found Lost-now-Found Credencial - Oct 2, 2021, Foncebadon

    Steph, Maybe you could text or email the place you stayed the first night and ask them to text or email you saying that you stayed there and that would be proof of your starting point. The days and the distance would bear out your starting point. Buen Camino. Lydia
  2. Lydia Gillen

    Pilgrims dish of the day At SJDPP?

    Luap,over the years as I walked the Camino alone I often just stood inside a cafe or restaurant and if I saw a person who was alone and obviously a pilgrim I would ask if I could join them. In every case they were delighted to have the company of another pilgrim, and we would have a very...
  3. Lydia Gillen

    Compostelas for Dummies

    I was deeply touched to read Dave's story. It is kind of sad when pilgrims have not time to listen to others deep pain.
  4. Lydia Gillen

    Camino #4 - From zero to hero (everything I learned so far and how you can walk 40+km as well)

    Very impressive Tantalu, and lots of facts and advice. But as I have often said on this forum age matters and makes a big difference. Also height and length of arms. I for example have both short legs and arms, I could never reach a pocket in my backpack and yet for you it seems easy. 20...
  5. Lydia Gillen

    Blisters, Red toe, toenail loss

    My twopence halfpenny worth. Cut nails short the night before you travel, and make sure your heels are tight to the back of your boot or shoe before tying the laces. If you feel any movement of your foot forwards on downhills Stop, and tie the laces again.. It is the nail repeatedly hitting...
  6. Lydia Gillen

    Spanish language question

    Listening to you all is almost like been on the Camino!
  7. Lydia Gillen

    Accommodations on the camino ingles

    Hi all, I am trying to plan Camino from Ferrol to Santiago. Have not got dates yet as it has to tie in with volunteering in Santiago, but am trying to see if it is possible for me.. But I have two problems. I am 77 and I cannot walk from Betanzos to Bruma, so need somewhere in between. I cannot...
  8. Lydia Gillen

    Best shoe for Planter Fasciitis

    "Best treat Plantar Fasciitis with a huge amount of respect and attention" says Jimmy Smith. I could not agree with him more. Get to a physiotherapist who specialise in feet get her/him to take a mold of your feet and have strong insoles made for you. and wear them every day of your life. I...
  9. Lydia Gillen

    Secular hike to spiritual pilgrimage???

    In these strange times of Covid, with strict lockdown and all our churches closed, I have experienced this Easter day the Resurrection of LOVE in my garden, and yet, still I yearn and yearn to walk to the Camino and experience that special togetherness once again.
  10. Lydia Gillen

    What's the one thing in your pack, that you absolutely CANNOT do without...and why?

    Margaret I also had a little electrical coil. I had purchased it in Rome when there in the holy year of 1975 as a gift for my mother and she used it every morning for her first cuppa up in her bedroom to save her having to go downstairs. After her death in 1991 it returned to me and I loved...
  11. Lydia Gillen

    Preparing to Walk the Camino - Top Ten Tips

    With the exception of 2010 and 2020 I have been on the Camino every year since 2007. I find it useful to have my rucksack packed some days in advance and then to deliberately unpack and then pack again so that my clothes and things get to know where they ought to be. I also get to know.
  12. Lydia Gillen

    Entertainment... "How to look at a painting of Velazquez"

    I am absolutely intrigued by the discussion here. I have never had the opportunity to study art, but I do do a bit of painting, sometimes of local features, churches or windmills or tall ships, but occasionally I copy part of an Old Master. Once I copied but left out bits of ' The Kitchen...
  13. Lydia Gillen

    I am leaving. Not Forum just yet, but Camino.

    David, I felt sad as I read your opening post. When I think back to my early days on the Forum, you and Methodist Pilgrim and Rebekah come to mind. Each of you with your own brand of wisdom and loving care for the rest of us. You will be missed. The Camino and the Forum were enriched...