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Recent content by madrid12

  1. madrid12

    Ferrol on a sunday

    I have walked on a Sunday a couple of times and stayed at the hotel Kensingston in Naron and they no longer serve food on a Sunday. We could only find a couple of places serving food and they had queues for tables so were very busy. We eventually ate at Casa Abuela, the bars were open but they...
  2. madrid12

    Ingles in October?

    I walked the second week last year. Everywhere was open but it was busy because 12th October is a Spanish national holiday and as it fell near the weekend there were lots of Spanish walking. Weather was really hot the first three days and wet the second two days.
  3. madrid12

    LIVE from the Camino Currently in Sigüeiro

    I love Sigueiro hostel, I have been staying there since it opened, I originally stayed at the Miras when the family were there.
  4. madrid12

    Woman Walking solo on the ingles in september

    I love the Ingles and have walked it lots of times. The route before Sigueiro no longer goes through the trees but follows a track by the side of the road. Waymarking was excellent and I think it's still being improved.
  5. madrid12

    Just back from Holy Week Camino Ingles

    That's right at Vilar do Colar where you go up the steps but it is not very clear so perhaps they are still working on this section. The way you came into Cabanas is the old route because it now comes out onto the main road into Cabanas and no longer by the beach.
  6. madrid12

    Just back from Holy Week Camino Ingles

    I have walked this route again recently and there has been lots of changes. Possibly all the old waymarks have been removed and there are lots of new ones. Coming out of Cos does go along the main road from Meangos to Presedo and I think it may be quite hard to find the old way which goes off to...
  7. madrid12


    Have been in the Camino ingles turismo today but the lady did stress get 2 stamps a day.
  8. madrid12

    Camino Ingles advice for a newbie

    If you are walking over Semana Santa you may need to book accommodation if staying in hostels because it can get quite busy at this time. Ryanair also fly from London Stansted direct to Santiago and then there is a bus to Ferrol. The route has also changed on the last day but it is waymarked...
  9. madrid12


    I have just discovered this while booking my next flight to Santiago. I have paid £5 each way for priority booking which includes taking my rucksack in the cabin and have also paid for seats, it's not very clear on their website until you come to book a flight.
  10. madrid12

    Celtic Camino 2018

    I have walked from A Coruna a couple of times this year, I had my credencial from the CSJ in the UK. I planned a route from home before hand around some local villages and got my credencial signed or stamped at local churches which were open on the day and a village post office. I also got a...
  11. madrid12

    Train From Redondela to Vigo evening Sat 14

    There are 2 train stations in Redondela, there is the old one in the town centre and a brand new larger station up the hill on the edge of town for the newer trains, I think that is called Redondela Picota. Most regional trains stop in the town. I think this stops in the town then goes up to...
  12. madrid12

    Significant change to the Camino Ingles is coming

    I have walked this way a few times and the last couple of times it had changed at the end. It does not take you over the river Sionlla and through O Barral as in the JW guide. It has more or less gone back to the old route by the back of the hotel, it also follows the main road for a bit then...
  13. madrid12

    New albergue in Xinzo de Limia

    I have not stayed but really liked Xinzo when I walked through a few years ago, the locals were so friendly and I ended up getting taken to the town hall for a stamp. I don't think they see many pilgrims. My other stops were the albergues in Verin, Viladerrei and Sandias. I stopped at a hostal...
  14. madrid12

    Camino Ingles - How Busy

    The waymarking has also improved , I too have been walking this route since 2008. The first time I could not even find my way out of Ferrol and got very lost.
  15. madrid12

    Camino Ingles - How Busy

    The Miras family who ran the old Miras bar, restaurant and hostel now run the new Sigueiro hostel off the main road down near the river. It is a lady and her daughters. It is very nice so much different to the old Miras rooms. I am not sure if they are still connected to the old Miras,