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  1. Magwood

    is hummus readily available at supermarkets in spain?

    I live n Spain and eat a lot of hummus, although I mostly make it myself. You will find jars of chickpeas in even the smallest village shops, but hummus is less available. Large supermarkets will sell it. Mercadona and Eroski definitely. Lidl and Aldi most probably. Supersol I would think so...
  2. Magwood

    Transport on the Lana

    Oh yes, sorry, I wasn’t paying full attention! Yes, I have walked many lonely caminos, detailed in my signature section below. I have heard of women being harassed, and on one occasion had good cause to feel anxious myself. But rather than listen to my instincts, I carried on walking. I...
  3. Magwood

    Transport on the Lana

    When do you start walking? I shall be setting out from Alicante on 7 April, and will be blogging each day. If you leave after me, and want to read about my walk take a look here. I expect that you will feel perfectly safe, but obviously no-one can predict what circumstances you will...
  4. Magwood

    LIVE from the Camino Live from the camino, Ruta de la Lana

    Much as I would like to meet you, I hope we don't coincide at an albergue! I step out on 7 April.
  5. Magwood

    Transport on the Lana

    Apparently I can't attach a file to a pm, so I attach it here. I hope you find it useful.
  6. Magwood

    Transport on the Lana

    I will send you a pm with a document I have prepared showing facilities along the way, including where trains are available.
  7. Magwood

    Hot off the presses — Guide 2019

    Very useful for my trio of caminos starting in four weeks - Lana, Olvidado and Invierno. Thanks for posting Laurie and huge gratitude to Ender.
  8. Magwood


    Or better still ‘go fund’ a charity. My partner has raised over 5,000 euros for a local cancer charity in sponsorship for my walks. I would never dream of asking for any contribution towards my costs.
  9. Magwood

    Camino Madrid April 2019

    It’s a lovely camino. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Buen Camino!
  10. Magwood

    Payback time: See you in Santiago May 20th - June 3rd?

    I will be passing through during that timeframe. Hope to meet you.
  11. Magwood

    Starting Ruta de la Lana from Valencia by end of March

    @Hubs I shall be walking from Alicante starting early April. I have prepared a spreadsheet listing stages and contact numbers for accommodation which I am happy to share. PM me if you would like a copy.
  12. Magwood

    Starting Ruta de la Lana from Valencia by end of March

    @Hubs I cannot remember where I found this list and cannot vouch for its accuracy, but it seems fairly thorough, albeit from Alicante
  13. Magwood

    Scheduling advice wanted: Different starting points on Via de la Plata / Via Mozarabe

    Hola @ruthp27. I have walked all your options except from Seville to Mérida. From Granada to Mérida - 16 days (including some very long stages) Mérida to Salamanca - 12 days Salamanca to Santiago via the Sanabres - 19 days Santiago to Finisterre - 3 days I have never walked in June, I always...
  14. Magwood

    Primitivo ... wondering if we walk to Sobrado de Monxes

    You could take a look at my blog to see info about my stages from Oviedo via the Verde, starts at stage 21.
  15. Magwood

    Primitivo ... wondering if we walk to Sobrado de Monxes

    I agree, well worth while. And the monastery is spectacular.

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