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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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    Has anyone ever considered a Camino "round trip"?

    I actually plan to start my walk from Lisbon to Santiago at the tail end of March and then turn right around and head back to Lisbon! 45 days/900 miles. Will do an alternate route on the return.
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    Peregrinos in or near Maine

    Walked the Camino France's in 2017 (St. Jean to Santiago and then to Finisterre and Muxia) and leave end of March '19 to walk from Lisbon to Santiago and back. Would enjoy connecting with other ME peregrinos.
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    New Lana guide in English

    Appreciate you sharing all the information gathered. There is something very intoxicating about walking across beautiful countryside whether alone or with fellow pilgrims. The herding bells are always a welcome sound when walking. Makes me feel less alone. Time to get out a map to see just...
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    Flying with poles in carryon.

    I had no problem going trough Boston's TSA, however, the folks in Madrid took them. I would strongly advise to check them or simply buy new ones upon arriving at your destination. You'll find them readily available along "The Way."
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    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    Watercolors are so unforgiving. I am in awe of your ability to capture the essence of each vignette so beautifully. Loved the photo of what you were painting and your rendering next to it. What incredible talent! I am feeling inspired to get my paints wet! Thank you for sharing your...
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    Best book to Camino Portuguese

    I have Brierley's and like it very much. I was fortunate to locate Kat Davis on this forum. She has penned a book on the Camino Portuguese and it's now available at Cicerone. If it is anything like her blog at Followingthearrows.com then I'm sure it's very good. Check out her blog. I think...
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    5 days of camino

    I agree with Rich1. The walk from Santiago to Muxia via Cee and Finisterre was the most special time for me. I found myself feeling emotional and anxious once in Santiago. I believe it was the culmination of something I thoroughly loved being a part of which created the emotional feelings...
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    Training when you can't walk (outside)?

    Heading on the Portuguese same time frame as you. Lived in Peoria. Would enjoy getting in touch to chat!
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    feeling very stupid - needing assistance

    Attachments 0A28827F-F9D1-4DB0-A48E-4A5C72F5CB95.jpeg 239.4 KBViews: 23 FDFAF2B6-1BE2-47EF-996C-01C6931AE076.png 603.1 KBViews: 25 OzAnnie...this was incredibly helpful. I, too, have it on my iPhone now. Thank you ever so much. I absolutely love Ivar's site and the information you all...
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    "Sizing Up" in Shoes??

    I was sized many years ago and advised to size up 1 1/2 sizes. I haven't been disappointed with that advice...ever. I have sized up one and a half sizes with my cross trainers, hiking boots...and winter boots. This allows for cushiony wool socks which I hike/walk in all year. My feet tend...
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    Aluminum backpack stays and TSA

    My walking poles were taken by TSA in Madrid in August of 2017! I was able to replace them easily in St. jean, but those walking sticks held some sentimental value for my husband! Alas!

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