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Recent content by MaineSally

  1. MaineSally

    COVID Manuel Rossi recovering from COVID-19

    Wishing Manuel better days ahead and a sense of hope. This virus is not to be dismissed...nor the variants. Good health to all!
  2. MaineSally

    Checked the “toe issues” threads... this one is not addressed (so far)

    I echo Kanga. I ended up in Tomar with infected toes due to five 20-mile days in a row. It was unusually hot in March '19. My feet swelled and I ended up with hematoma under my big toenails. Went to ER, and the most compassionate doctor held my hand and said, "You cannot go on. You must go...
  3. MaineSally

    Live from Camino I miss you Pilgrim

    Monica, Hello! I believe you are one of the owners of Ideas Peregrinas in Tui! I stayed there for a wonderful night. Your breakfast in the coffee shop/gear shop was a wonderful start to the next day’s trek...and as my trekking poles started clacking on the road I ran back in to get two more...
  4. MaineSally

    A Message from Johnnie Walker

    Than you SYates for sharing Johnnie Walker’s short vid. I will do my part to infuse the coffers of APOC. Nicely done APOC!
  5. MaineSally

    Is this how we Can feel on Camino??

    David, I love this. Playful, joyful, and blissfully consumed in the moment. Thank you!
  6. MaineSally

    This is my favorite creation made while On Camino!

    Very clever MorningWaters! Love the book you used. All so colorful and playful.
  7. MaineSally

    This is my favorite creation made while On Camino!

    Mind you...the painting was in my head on the Camino, but was done once home. I never seem to be able to find room for paper/paints/brushes in my pack, and by the time I end up somewhere in the afternoon, have showered, washed clothes and found sustenance...the last thing I want to do is paint...
  8. MaineSally

    Not Camino but a lovely family in the UK lockdown

    This appears to be another Video of the Marsh family encouraging folks to get “the shot” to the tune of Halleluja. What a great public service announcement!
  9. MaineSally

    Not Camino but a lovely family in the UK lockdown

    Very clever. I envy anyone who can carry a tune, but this family is darned talented. Everyone of them!
  10. MaineSally

    "Live is a Walking" Native American

    Absolutely love this.
  11. MaineSally

    Daily walking while we wait

    I believe, a little further up, there was a woman stationed at the top of the climb with granola bars, fruit and coffee. The sight looking back to Castrojeriz was every bit as lovely as the snack stand at the top! I should have donned a bumper sticker to my backpack (or my bumper) that...
  12. MaineSally

    Socks colours - not a serious thread

    Love this! Jill, you introduced me to Chacos on this forum! I love them!! I did the Portuguese in them wearing injinji socks (five toes). My conundrum for a future Camino will be going back into closed toed shoes in order to wear a 3/8” lift in my right shoe! Who knew that nearly age 70...