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  1. Marc S.

    Walks in Germany

    I think (but others may correct me if I am wrong) that the Via Regia is the most "crowded" route in Germany. It's all relative, when I walked it in September I met app 10 pilgrims in 20 days. But I was told that in the holiday season it is more crowded. There are a lot of albergues (Herbergen)...
  2. Marc S.

    Walks in Germany

    hi Shelley. I am rather hooked on the German camino's and plan to walk more in the future. I have walked both the Via Regia (lots of info on this forum, just use the search function) and the Elisabethpfad (from Eisenach to Marburg). I wrote a little report about the latter, >...
  3. Marc S.

    Learned a good lesson before starting Camino

    I think you are being spot on here. Before my first camino, I went to a shop to buy hiking boots, and the salesman actually wanted to also have a look at the soles of my shoes. Apparently he could tell by the way my soles were worn down, that I tend to make too big steps, and that this was the...
  4. Marc S.

    What is a Pilgrim/What is a Pilgrimage?

    Amsterdam, indeed. In the late 16th century Amsterdam became a protestant city and all catholic procession became forbidden. Nowadays there is still the annual "stille omgang" (silent walk).There is website about the silent walk (in Dutch) here: https://www.stille-omgang.nl/ I copied some...
  5. Marc S.

    What does the camino mean to you?

    Are you serious? Seems a bit snobbish to me...:( Answering the OPs question again. For me the camino is a holiday activity during which I learned not to make generalisations about people.
  6. Marc S.

    What does the camino mean to you?

    I am both. I think there is not necessarily a contradiction between walking the camino as a holiday activity vs. walking the camino as a spiritual or religious experience. It seems you have very negative connotations to the word holiday so maybe we use different definitions. My Dutch dictionary...
  7. Marc S.

    10 Top Tips for Walking the Camino Francés

    Gersevink, not everyone on this forum understands Dutch (I know this is a shame, but something we have to live with). But I agree with you. These headlamps behave like a lighthouse !
  8. Marc S.

    What does the camino mean to you?

    hi Maeve, Welcome on this forum. I am not really able to put it into a simple phrase what the camino means for me ( I use a lot of words usually). I guess a movie of me walking, just being there, and not talking, would probably sum up the meaning of the camino for me. But I wish you well with...
  9. Marc S.

    Hiking Quotes - just for fun.

    And of course Scottish folk band the Proclaimers offer the most romantic walking quote ever: "I would walk five hundred miles And I would walk five hundred more Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles To fall down at your door"
  10. Marc S.

    Hiking Quotes - just for fun.

    Good old Nietzsche comes to my mind (never read him, love to name drop him) : "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking." "Only ideas won by walking have any value"
  11. Marc S.

    Via Francigena from home - English Guidebooks for Germany?

    I haven't walked the Via Francigena (would love to, one day) and I do not know the guidebooks, but (as I see you live in the Netherlands) I do know a specialised bookshop in Amsterdam that has a massive collection of guidebooks, so it may be worth checking it out and browsing through its shells...
  12. Marc S.

    A year on the camino

    Poor soul. Hope you got over that. ;)
  13. Marc S.

    Donativo - How much is enough/too much?

    This thread is great and gives me a lot of food for thought. Lots of talk about money though. It struck me that the word 'trust' has not been mentioned in any post. For me the whole donativo concept has always been primarily about trust. Trusting that people will give what they can afford, and...
  14. Marc S.

    "Ghosted" by a pilgrim friend

    Similar things have happened to me, being ghosted & probably ghosting myself, not just on the camino but also on other occasions travelling abroad. I guess some friendships last a lifetime, and some last only for a short period of time in specific circumstances. And sometimes you do keep in...
  15. Marc S.

    2019 REI Camino at a discount

    Would not book this tour myself (ironically enough, it is advertized as "the path less traveled"..). But I honestly do not get why some people feel offended by this tour or think that it does not show respect for the efforts made by pilgrims. I mean, it's a tour amongst some camino "highlights"...

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