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    Photo-walk on the Camino trails of France and Spain

    Hello Steve, I just tried again and clicked on your link......and got the same message.. I have a Dell..and use Internet Explorer and Kapersky 2011....I update Kapersky every 6 hours and do a full scan every night...... The two immediate pop up messages from Kapersky say ...
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    Photo-walk on the Camino trails of France and Spain

    I get a virus warning message when I click on this be careful!
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    Diabetes 2, pen & pills, no daily checkups

    Great replies and the wisdom of personal experiences of those of us with Diabetes who have walked the Camino....I agree with everyone's comments and experienced most of them on my Camino....the night time lows were my least favorite... I found the looseness that developed in the waistband of...
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    Diabetes 2, pen & pills, no daily checkups

    I walked the Camino Frances in 2008.....juggling 3 daily injections of rapid acting insulin (Novo-Rapid) and 1 daily injection of long acting inulin (Levemir) and metformin tablets.....and other medications as meds and supplies weighed over 7 lbs in my backpack!! With the Rapid...
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    Buffs Camino design

    My very hip looking Camino Buff has arrived in sunny took Canada Post less than a first I thought I would have liked it to be more traditional ie read ...boring...but I really love the graffiti style and the colours are wonderful!! Bev...thanks so much for being such a...
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    Booking flight Camino-Barcelona?

    Spanair has a direct flight between Barcelona and Santiago....I see online that some dates in July 2011 are priced at 7 euro, each way of course. I flew Barcelona to/from Santiago with them last fall for 25 euro each way and thought I had a great deal...but 7 euro simply screams out to be...
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    I have diabetes and take insulin injections 5x a day and two pills twice a day. I carefully planned for my diabetes issues before I left home and walked the Camino Frances in May 2008. There are other posts from 2008 that will give details ( Sorry but I do not know how to put the link here...
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    These cards are wonderful and make a great but small item to bring back home.....I also got mine in Santiago for 10 sure to check the box was English....but inside the cards were in German....I discovered this at lunch while showing a fellow pilgrim....thank goodness I had...
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    Logistic assistance needed -Santiago to Le Puy

    Sil, thanks for the web site is not one that I had come across... besides the terrain descriptions for both my also has weather info and many useful transportation links....again you amaze me with your ability to put your finger on so many useful Camino related sites and...
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    Logistic assistance needed -Santiago to Le Puy

    I have been through her wonderful blog more than a few times....and Margaret has been very helpful to me through "pm" and email in planning my daily distances and accomodations....she started in Mid-April....and it was her early weather stories that had me thinking Porto first...Le Puy...
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    Logistic assistance needed -Santiago to Le Puy

    Thanks Sil....I see you're also thinking outside the box .....I will look into the option you have given...I want to start on April 1st...and thought the weather in Portugual may be a bit better at that time....but maybe I'm off base thinking the April 1st is too early for the Le Puy route...
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    Logistic assistance needed -Santiago to Le Puy

    First....I know it sounds like I'm walking backwards....but I'm not.... After much research and pondering I have decided that after having walked the Camino Frances last year... for the 2010 Holy Year, I will walk the Camino Portuguese from Porto to Santiago and to Finistere....then return to...
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    Where did you display your forum badge?

    I used fabric glue..."Liquid Stitch" which I got at WalMart for $ attach my Pilgrim Forum Canadian Company of Pilgrims Badge and a lovely Canadian Flag....if you click below on Ivar's Pilgrim Forum Badge ordering section you will see my pack... I walk the Camino Frances last...
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    Hotels at Barcelona airport

    I spent a few days in Barcelona after my Camino last June...I'm not sure what accomodations are close to the airport....but I know there are a few hostels downtown...I stayed at and would highly reccomend Hostel Somnio ....which has dorm beds for 25 euro...they also...
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    Cameras or Camcorders

    I agree with Roger...a small digitial camera with video capability will work perfectly....remember that the video clip will use up space on your camera's might want to take a 2 gb or a few spare 1 gb cards to use just for video. I took a 5 minute video of the Botafumeiro in...