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  1. Mark Di Marzio

    Has anyone experienced pneumonia and managed to walk the Camino still?

    I had viral pneumonia after my last Camino (Sept 2018) .. but luckily it was just after I had finished walking and I started travelling around Southern Spain by then .I booked into a private hotel in Madrid and had antibiotics . I can’t imagine walking in that state though . It’s not the best .I...
  2. Mark Di Marzio

    Not a blog but a book

    Sounds great ! I also walked the Camino frances from st Jean Pied de Porte to Santiago in Sept /October 2015 ! I wonder if I possibly ran into you along the way? Congratulations on writing the book ! Im thinking that I should probably think about writing one too now ;) . I wish you well and...
  3. Mark Di Marzio

    10 great European pilgrimages, the Telegraph

    I bought myself this book as a Christmas present for myself . The layout , photos and text are wonderful !
  4. Mark Di Marzio

    Florence to Rome or Via Postumia

    Thankyou so much Andrea !
  5. Mark Di Marzio

    Via Postumia, italian route for Santiago

    I am very interested in this new / old camino route . Thankyou for all the efforts Andrea . It is amazing ! Grazie Tanto
  6. Mark Di Marzio

    The Camino Heals - delayed realisations post two Caminos

    I really enjoyed reading this . You have an interesting & unique way of expressing yourself . I've walked 3 caminos and have also been involved in bands etc .. the Camino is a pretty special life experience .i reckon you will walk a few more caminos and ..who knows .. maybe even write a book on...
  7. Mark Di Marzio

    Need to abandon walk!

    Good luck with it all . I am on my third Camino and accidently broke a toe in a silly innocuous accident just before Ponferrada . I have therefore abandoned this Camino and took a bus to Santiago .. i achieved everything I needed to learn . I have walked over 1500. Kms in Spain over the last few...
  8. Mark Di Marzio

    If you have done both the CP and the CF...

    Yes.. I remember that climb when I did the Portuguese Camino this time last year October 2017 . It was such a great feeling getting to the top though
  9. Mark Di Marzio

    If you have done both the CP and the CF...

    I have done both and they are both really interesting and unique . The coastal way from Porto is beautiful . I then crossed into the inland at Barcelos and the nature countryside was spectacular . There are many beautiful forests that are magnificent cathedrals of trees . It's beautiful ...
  10. Mark Di Marzio

    Sciatica pain - to go or not to go???

    Thankyou so much Camino Chris for your positive and encouraging words . The way I see it - the only way to go -is onwards and upwards . Ultreia !
  11. Mark Di Marzio

    Sciatica pain - to go or not to go???

    I get sciatica (for over ten years) and have been diagnosed as well with fibromyalgia . I am currently having a painful sciatica flare up at the moment and I'm sitting in the gp's room waiting to be seen as I write this ! I'm hoping to get something to manage the pain haha . I have walked 2...
  12. Mark Di Marzio

    Is this the gap between first and second Camino????

    It's a beautiful song & will always remind me of my 2015 Camino
  13. Mark Di Marzio

    Pilgrim dead at burguete

    RIP Peregrino . Vaya con dios .
  14. Mark Di Marzio

    An attempt at a secular Grand Camino Theory of Everything

    I can relate to the idea of the Camino being a way of rising above the physical pain and emotional suffering and it being transformed in some way by the arduous nature of the walk .i don't think it requires a huge unified theory to process it . It's just real life lived in a lucid way with...
  15. Mark Di Marzio

    14 Days to Go.... Checklist Checkoffs For the Day

    Buen Camino Dave . I am a week or so behind you . I leave on 22 September to Madrid from Melbourne Australia . I packed my back pack as well & coming in at around 6 kg - it's 28 k pack and that'll be enough weight for me . This will be my 3 rd Camino and I feel a bit more ready and better...

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