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    How many days? Is May too hot?

    you can do it Hi I walked the Via de la Plata last year in september and I had 6 weeks in which I could walk this way. Now I must say I need the same time as from SJPdP to Santiago because there are not so much Alberges. I walked away from Sevilla (21. of Sept) and reached Fiisterre at...
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    Journey info between Salamnca & Astorga

    hard way Hi John you asked me if it was hard? I must say yes, I need the time until Santiago and i found at last to me as I walked out to Fistere. This was on this Camino my realy, my true end. As I reached the ocean. I found back to myself. For people to go the first time an Camino, I think...
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    Fisterra route "destroyed" by fire and flood

    I walked too I walked 3 days after the rain (at the end of october) this route. I think no problem. Ok a little bit water but only two time I must take an road for an short part. From Muxia to Finistere it was harder. 5 km more because an river has only stone to cross over. But the people there...
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    Journey info between Salamnca & Astorga

    Salamanca to Astorga Hi I walked this octobre this route. The difference of the routes are the people. I decided during the last day wich route I take. I take the route over Astorga because the weather chances and on the Astorga route are more Alberges and I decided the daydistances with the...
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    Paris to SJPP?

    Hello Maggie Last year I go from Paris to SJPdP by train (75-60€) at 10°° with the TGV over Bordeaux and arrived in Bayonne at 16°°, 5 Minute later the small train goes to SJPdP and there I arived at 17°°: Its the last train. In SJPdP you can sleep or you go 1 or 2 hours to the next cites on...
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    I do the same last year Hallo all last year I do the same. You put it by babys on the ... . and its good . Why not for the feets. You must it do every day after you wash your feeds and dry it, with a thin film on the skin. I had no plisters and if you begin to walk you must know that your...
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    Walking the Via de la Plata May/June 2006

    Thanks for the Info Thanks for the Info and when I`m back I will write down here my adventure. I had learn last year on my Camino many things but the inportent one was "trust the way" and that will I do this year too, Gracias and bon camino Markus

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