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    I bought the Altus poncho before my Camino and it was great- I literally never got wet! I'm leaving for Machu Picchu in the morning after looking at the rainy forcast, I packed the Altus poncho. I'm sold on them. Good luck and Buen Camino.
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    Sarria - no room at the inn, at any inn, after 3:30pm

    I finished the Camino in late July and did not find a full albergue until Barbadelo. There was a privee albergue there with room although at least 2 other pilgrims were not informed of it and went on. I also learned the next day that in Galacia the private albergues will take reservations. We...
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    LIVE from the Camino Santiago arrival

    We actually arrived in Santiago last Wednesday- oh what a feeling. The description of meeting up again in Santiago with other pilgrimages you have seen along the way is indescribable. We had a wonderful pilgrimage and "Gracias a Dios" avoided most of the pilgrim related problems...
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    Camino in 18 days

    Adding my 2 cents- we´re in Leon now and I wouldn´t have missed the meseta for the world.
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    List of Private Albergues on Camino Frances

    We stayed at the albergue in Boadilla also- Boadilla del Camino and would highly recommend it. It seemed like a 5 star hotel to me!!! Gorgeous gardens, extremely clean and very cool rooms with bunks, fantastic food and wonderful people. I´m actually thinking about bringing me husband (not a...
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    LIVE from the Camino from Navarette

    I agree, Javier, and even now in Leon I can say we have not had any problems finding albergues the entire trip. I really think it pays to stay in the smaller towns.
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    LIVE from the Camino from Burgo Ranero

    Can´t believe we´ve been nearly 3 weeks on the Camino and are a day and a half from Leon! Things are going well thanks to preparation and suggestions from this forum. So far no albergue has turned us away, but this is also only the first day of July. The meseta has been quite warm and we have...
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    Walking sticks

    I´m in Navarette tonight but up until 2 days ago I would not have been without my walking stick- too much mud and way too slippery. Don´t know what the rest of the Camino will bring, but <i am happy with mine.
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    LIVE from the Camino from Navarette

    We´ve made it to Navarette and have left the rain. Now it´s the heat that we´re dealing with!!! Sorry to say we´ve become some of those peregrinos that get up early to beat the heat- not the bed rush!!!Albergues still are not full. We stayed in the albergue parroquial in Viana last night and...
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    LIVE from the Camino from Puente de la Reina

    We´re having a great Camino so far. Weather has been wet, so bring that atmospheric poncho that Sil posted about and a hiking stick for all the mud. Albergues are not full, so relax. People were able to get a reservation at Orisson last Wednesday from SJPP. We went to Orisson from Bayonne...
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    Bedbugs and Fleas

    The bedbug sheet is a flat piece of fine mesh- like a mesquito net that has been impregnated with permethrin. I got a little sqeemish about the critters and had less than a week before departure. I was able to find them at which is in Canada. I paid the extra postage for...
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    clothes pins/clothes line

    I've noticed some people suggest taking a bit of string and clothes pins. It seems like wasted weight to me, but perhaps there's a need. With a week left before I leave, I'm looking at each gram now. Any thoughts?
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    After hiking footwear?

    Does one really need "flip flops" for the shower?
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    LIVE from the Camino Burgos Albergue

    CSJ 2008 agrees with you Clarisa. It states, "Casa de Peregrinos Emaus has moved and become the Casa Parroquial para peregrinos. Now at C/San Pedro Cardena, 32b Burgos 09002. (On way into Burgos, by the side of the Jesuit College, at the end of C/Diego Luis Vitores.) A Christian welcome with...
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    Bordeaux to SJPDP

    With all this input, I think we'll spend the night in Bayonne- not Bordeaux. That just leaves me wondering about buses from the Bordeaux airport to train station? Can those of you who have gone this route give me tips on this- ie frequency of buses, how much time to plan, etc. Our flight...