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Recent content by maruska89

  1. maruska89

    Bored walking

    I too was happily following Efren's journey and sad it didn't continue, but will wait for his next adventure.
  2. maruska89

    COVID Any websites tracking albergue openings for 2021?

    I stayed there in april 2019 and had a great stay. Their dinner in the wine cellar was superb! A memorable stay.
  3. maruska89

    Camino Spring 2022: Dreams | Goals | Plans

    I'm also hoping to walk next spring, if everything is calmed down by then. I dream about returning as many others do as well. Can't come soon enough. I kind of worry there will be so many of us starting out but it will surely aid the albergues and folks there who've suffered through this pandemic.
  4. maruska89

    Camino with the most nature / forest

    Great to hear, as I didn't know there was a camino starting in Kosice, which is near the place I was born, though now in Canada many years. I'm interested to hear if you walked the whole way from Kosice to SdC or what part you did. I'll definitely consider that for a future pilgrimage. Oh and I...
  5. maruska89

    Death of Felisa’s daughter, María

    Yes I also walked in 2019 and stopped for a stamp and small chat. My travelling partners didn't stop and now felt badly about it, especially after watching the recent video of her. Definitely a reminder to stop and "smell the roses" RIP dear Maria.
  6. maruska89

    COVID Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    I for one am nervous about a vaccine passport or anything else that contains ones medical information... just not there yet... besides being unfair to poorer countries that may not get enough vaccines for all their citizens, there are just too many variables.... then, in the future will we need...
  7. maruska89

    Vlogs of the Camino del Norte; losing my way/finding my way

    I just watched your first 2 vlogs and loved them. Your easy talking style and beautiful photos and the real day to day challenges are great to watch. Keep on vlogging. I'd watch them all right now but need to get something done as its morning here.
  8. maruska89

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    I took a small plastic S hook to hang on the door frame when there weren't hooks in the shower area, as often was the case. Everything stayed nicely off the floor.
  9. maruska89

    Will it EVER slow down?

    Yes totally! We were sleeping in an attic area/top floor of a hostel, 3 of us, and there was a window and fan but the one young European girl insisted on closing the window and not having the fan on:( Needless to say we were quite warm.... I'm from an Eastern European background but thought it...
  10. maruska89

    New thievery model on the aware!

    what a good idea to sleep with a whistle nearby.
  11. maruska89

    Recommendations: No blisters, no sunburn!

    I wore my toe socks occasionally as well, but I tend to get the worse blisters around the heels, so those didn't help as much for that. But they are great otherwise.
  12. maruska89

    Thieves at large on camino

    Thats so upsetting! I was there in Los Arcos a month ago when they also stole a bunch of phones, money etc. Luckily I wasn't staying at the municipal that time. I sure hope they catch them soon!
  13. maruska89

    Municipal closed in zubiri and larrasoana

    For anyone setting out from Roncesvalles be aware the municipals in zubiri and larrasoana are closed. We went through yesterday and there was all of a sudden a huge influx of pilgrims that had no where to stay in zubiri. We ended up taking a taxi to villava just before Pamplona to find a bed...
  14. maruska89

    Overthinking Camino number 2...

    oh my gosh... same thing here.. I leave in 2 days for Paris to start my 2nd camino on April 11th from SJPDP. I know I am overthinking this one especially as the last one was only 10 days from Porto. Well we just have to go with it all and things will work out. Buen Camino!
  15. maruska89

    Who is walking the Camino in April 2019?

    My friend and I are also starting from SJPDP on April 11th. See you there and Buen Camino