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    Help! The walking pole makes me feel like the walking dead!

    As always, everyone's Camino is their own. That said I saw many pilgrims walking with poles incorrectly adjusted for height. Makes a huge difference. I do know, however that I never could not have made it from SJPP to Roncevalles without them. And I think that going downhill with them and...
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    Ponferrada to Sarria planed for May 2019

    Ponferrada to Sarria planed for May 2019
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    Pre Trip Anxiety

    Yes,you can have your luggage transported from SJPP to Roncevalles. And yes, do not feel any guilt about it. I used adaypack for my cross Pyrenees day and at the age of 70 I felt that was fair enough! I had a lovely 9 hour walk and know that it would have diminished my joy at starting off...
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    Disaster strikes

    So. After four trips on the Camino and keeping in mind that everyone has their own Camino, I have to think that bicycling just doesn’t provide the access to fellow pilgrims and the time to reflect that walking does. If interested in bicycling in Spain there must be other options. If you cant...
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    SIM Card

    I have used my cellphone without a SIM insert for years. I just upgrade my plan for a month to include global coverage. I have TMobile which connects with pretty much all of Europe immediately after departing the plane from the US. I know other phone carriers are just as easily connected. Cost...
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    Walked from Pamplona to Logrono in September 2017.

    Walked from Pamplona to Logrono in September 2017.
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    Importance of First Night's Stay

    I started in SJPdP at 7:30 or so and made it to Orisson by mid morning. The weather was perfect (September) and I just had a coffee visited with some fellow pilgrims and headed off. Made Roncevalles about 5 p.m. I walked at a steady but not crazy pace. Looking back I felt that if...
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    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    I walked my first Camino from Sarria to Finesterre at the age of 69 four years ago. Since then I've walked from SJPP to Logrono over two different trips. Heading back this May to walk from Ponferrada to Sarria. I find that doing it in stages helped me. My goal is to finish before I am 75. I...
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    Rabies vaccination and dogs, cats, other animals

    One of my main worries when I first hiked the Camino was loose dogs. A bad experience years ago has made them a huge problem for me. I quickly realized that most of the dogs I saw were apparently very used to passing pilgrims. Most times they did not bother to bark or even get up to check us out!
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    Weather next week... should I change my plans?

    Take th advice from the folks in th Pilgrim Office and in Orisson. Also, if caught in thunder and lightening in th open, you should curl up in a ball close to the ground. As to rain, if it is raining on the Napoleon route it is raining on the Valcarlos Route. Embrace your Camino
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    Too old?

    I started hiking the Camino at 65. I’ve made several trips including hiking the Napoleon route at 69. I’m 71 and still have a bit to go. I found that hiking religiously four to five miles three times a week, including some steep uphill climbs, for about a month was adequate preparation. I diD...
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    Toe nails

    On my third Camino I lost four toenails. After analysis of the situation I believe that my toe box on my trusty Merrills was too large. I should have put in new insoles to prevent toes from sliding forward and hitting when going down hill. Bigger boots not the answer. A good fit where the feet...
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    Hiked from Pamplona to Logrono in September 2017. Heading back in 2019 at the age of 71 to...

    Hiked from Pamplona to Logrono in September 2017. Heading back in 2019 at the age of 71 to complete more of the Camino if my health holds out.
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    Valcarlos or Orisson?

    I walked from St. Jean to Roncevalles via the Napoleon Route in late September 2016. I started out at 8:30 on a cool sunny day and hit Orisson by 11:00 a.m. It seemed a lovely place but I had planned to get to Roncevalles so I ate a nice lunch on the terrace and headed out. Arrived in...
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    A Very Nervous and Concerned PilgrimMom

    Hello Pilgrim Mom, I'm a Pilgrim Grandma (68 years old with daughters a bit older than she must be) and this is my second walk. This year I will be departing from SJPP on the morning of September 27. Is your daughter leaving then? I would love company on that particularly challenging day if...

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