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    Cycling the Meseta in 2023

    I cycled my first Camino in 2016 and never hope to do that again. I walked my next 7 Caminos. While cycling, I covered a lot of ground very quickly, especially on the gently sloped hills and flat terrain of the meseta. I blew through many towns and villages and missed a huge portion of the...
  2. mattythedog

    Is the Albergue in Roncesvalles a “must”?

    Absolutely agree, Zordmot. A bit above average, clean modern 4 person cubicals, OK dinner, lousy breakfast. Hosts professional, efficient, but sometimes very abrupt. Staying there was a must for me on my first Camino, and I would have liked to stay in the old basement section like in the...
  3. mattythedog

    Why I am Considering Leaving This Forum

    Robert, the reasons you give for leaving are exactly the reasons a person like you should stay.
  4. mattythedog

    What to expect on the Meseta in May?

    I walked the Meseta the first week of May 2019 and this year. Most early mornings were 40-42 degrees F. Small amounts of drizzle rarely. By noon, weather was temperate, 60-70F. Still had a couple of small showers. I was beyond Leon in the second week of May when the weather broke, and early...
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    Some Camino Wisdom

    Yes, you are correct in my case, too. I overlooked the “wondering” part. I also knew absolutely 100% why I was walking, always.
  6. mattythedog

    Some Camino Wisdom

    YES!!! that would exactly be me!
  7. mattythedog

    Rely on wifi or get a data plan?

    Such a fantastic idea!!! Thanks for the info. I know several people who could use a clock like that.
  8. mattythedog

    Rely on wifi or get a data plan?

    Data plan and sim is the way to go. Most, but not all, albergues and bars have wifi. Many small villages have nothing open until after 0900. Wifi might not be turned on until you ask for it face to face. Many albergues will not answer email and messages in a timely manner if they answer them...
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    Private rooms in Madrid?

    Sorry I am a bit late seeing this, but for FYI for all, I use airbnb. Got a couple days for 25e/day near Retiro Park and 20 min walk to train station end of May this year. Many similarly priced spots in same area. Last July on the Holy weekend it was 30e/night about 15 minutes walk from city...
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    Flights out of Santiago

    Agree. Like I said earlier, every time I flew from Santiago in the morning I was able to connect about noon in Madrid without a problem. Magnitudes quicker than taking trains, transfers, etc.
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    CF starting SJPDP 24 April 2023

    Hi ChrisMartin, I fly into Madrid and then on to Pamplona on 24 Apr 2023, and depending on transport from Pamplona to SJPP, I may also start the Camino on the 24th. Maybe see you there
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    Flights out of Santiago

    Agree with dougfitz. I have booked Madrid to Philly numerous times with American and separate flight from Santiago to Madrid, usually with Iberia (not sure if Iberia flys nonstop to Madrid anymore. I always left Santiago early morning for same day connection about 1300 in Madrid without any...
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    Santiago presents for little granddaughters

    Uniquely painted pilgrim shells
  14. mattythedog

    One of my poles broke

    On my 5 year old ZZs, leave top handle loose (unclicked); leave bottom piece apart from middle, and connect the top to middle. Then pull bottom until the shock cord comes out of the middle and exposes a slotted adjustment screw. Unscrew it a few turns to lengthen the shock cord and see if...
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    LIVE from the Camino STOLEN from Foncebadon cafe 10am Sunday Oct 2, 2022

    I feel your pain and frustration, having been burglarized several times. Thank you for the post as it is a great idea, and now numerous people will be on the lookout for your gear. It also serves as a note of caution to pilgrims, a generally trusting community. Just like in The Way, I have...

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