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    Swimming places - Camino del Norte

    If you want somewhere different than the beach, I'd recommend the Wild Swimming Spain app. It's not expensive and it's great for inland spots.
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    Must have sellos in Santiago?

    The church of San Francisco, just up from the cathedral, has a nice Franciscan stamp and the friars there also issue (or used to issue, when I went in 2019) a certificate called the Cotolaya - free, but donations very welcome.
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    Physical training for the Primitivo

    Here's the link to some information (there are other companies that offer a similar service):
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    Physical training for the Primitivo

    Love the Primitivo. Just do some hills to get your legs in, and listen to your body when you're out there. It's varied and undulating, but very doable. Alternative training is to get someone to chuck buckets of ice water sideways at you.. but hopefully you'll get better weather over the top...
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    Our Camino Portuguese

    Have a wonderful time, Jay! I walked via the Variante Espiritual last week with my family and another family (four children in total, aged 10-13) and we all loved it. We had a lovely coffee stop at the Hotel Campaniola at Cabaleiro. The walk from Combarro up and Armenteira was gorgeous...
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    Starting our first in May 2022 / route plan , any thoughts?

    I am so glad! We finished today, starting from Vigo and with the Variante espiritual. What a special experience. Buen camino, onward!
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    UK Flights Chaos Jubilee Holiday week

    We flew out on the Easyjet flight from Gatwick to Santiago last Saturday. Despite my worries, everything was very smooth and on time. I suspect it's correct that it's much less lilely to be cancelled than a flight on a very touriaty route, where customers have other options in the event of a...
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    Alternative accommodation Armentiera

    Yes, I've booked at the albergue for next month. I messaged them on Facebook and they then gave me a number to WhatsApp for a booking.
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    Alternative accommodation Armentiera

    Sadly I don't know of alternatives (apart from the expensive hotel) but I've heard of pilgrims who take a taxi nearby. Google is bringing up Carballo de Prado not too far away.
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    Fundraising to support refugees

    Congratulations Anne on getting approval from the Home Office! Good for you all and the very best of luck for your walk. I'm chair of South Leicestershire Community Sponsorship, so I know a bit about what you're doing on the project. Good for you, and hope you can welcome a family soon! It's a...
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    Cleaning my boots ritual

    OK. It's funny: I've never really started a conversation on this forum, though I've found it very helpful. I posted this as a way of contributing to the shared things people have (generously) offered about their experiences and reflections. I'm less likely to do so again. I'll stick to the road...
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    Cleaning my boots ritual

    Thanks for your replies, all! Glad I'm not alone. I also like the ritual of finding a nice strong twig at the end of the day, and getting the mud out from the treads. Plus, when on the camino, finding an old copy of Voz de Galicia to scrunch up and put inside wet shoes at the end of the day...
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    Cleaning my boots ritual

    Oh, thank you - I've never used hydrobloc before, but as you say, they come in a nice little tube that's perfect for being on the move. I've certainly walked in weather where you need to reproof (Galicia in Storm Miguel in 2019 was a memorable example!).
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    Cleaning my boots ritual

    I've spent the first morning of my Easter holiday cleaning my boots (aided and abetted by my rescue dog). I thought of everyone in this community as I went through a ritual I love: first I brush and wipe off the dirt, then rub leather balsam in with my fingertips. After they've had a good soak...
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    Starting our first in May 2022 / route plan , any thoughts?

    Hi Marc and Christel, not much to add here except 1) I think your distances look perfectly doable and 2) my family and I are doing the route from Vigo via the Variante Espiritual, so a wave in your direction! We've booked Vilanova de Arousa, then Padron the next night for the reasons everyone's...