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  1. Meg Worland

    Help with Lamb's Wool Questions...?

    Similar to the Hikerswool Video, I take a strip and weave it in and out of my toes, finishing with a swathe across the top and then underneath. I have also handed pieces to grateful pilgrims who suffered sore heels and they have placed a piece over the vulnerable area.
  2. Meg Worland

    Swimming in Norte and sleeping bag question. Sept 2019

    My dilemma regarding sleeping bag or not might be solved if I knew just which albergues supply blankets. Does anyone have a list of these? Perhaps a list of those which do NOT supply blankets might be shorter.
  3. Meg Worland

    Gluten free food

    I found the pilgrim menus catered well to my gluten-free needs. I had to skip a number of desserts though. My breakfast was usually Rice thins with a banana followed by tortilla de patatas (potato fritatta or omelette) when I found my first coffee stop mid-morning or lunch. It takes a bit of...
  4. Meg Worland

    26 Days

    Most guide books recommend 34 days from SJPdP to Santiago. I suggest you get hold of one and look at the daily distances travelled. I found in 2014 that with a sore hip I was not able to keep to those schedules and ended up taking buses or trains some days. I walked 500km overall and this...
  5. Meg Worland

    to send a package from SJPP and bring it in Santiago de Comp

    Having planned a holiday after hiking the Camino Frances I posted a parcel of clothing from SJPdP Post Office to Santiago. It did not arrive and after various emails and phone calls it could not be located. Not recommended as two differeent countries are involved. Others have recommended...
  6. Meg Worland

    A compendium of useful links for travel from Madrid to SJPdP via Bayonne

    Thanks arthur1218. Seems the possibilities are expanding.
  7. Meg Worland

    A compendium of useful links for travel from Madrid to SJPdP via Bayonne

    Thanks, Mike, but I have already booked accommodation in SJPP for that evening. Although I may see if I can defer that booking for the next night and take up your suggestion.
  8. Meg Worland

    A compendium of useful links for travel from Madrid to SJPdP via Bayonne

    My only word of caution about the train from Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port is that the trains on Sunday are infrequent. I have a problem as I will arrive in Bayonne (on train from Paris) on Sunday 17th April at 5.34pm. Unfortunately the next train to SJPP leaves at 9.10pm. The option is to...
  9. Meg Worland

    About to purchase my hiking boots.

    I'll wade into the debate and just say that my Keen boots were wonderful, light and kept dry. Because of my wide foot I had to buy men's sizing and had plenty of room for two pairs of socks as well as sheeps wool wrapped around toes to prevent blisters. All this worked for me, a non hiker...
  10. Meg Worland

    Clothing issues for April Weather

    I am from the warmer parts of Australia therefore feel the cold. I walked the Camino Frances in April-May 2014 and wore a light singlet/vest followed by long sleeved shirt then light fleece and finally all-purpose/rain jacket and long trousers. The coldest mornings, when there was frost next...
  11. Meg Worland

    Money on Camino....

    I usually withdrew 200AUD at ATM's. I was with a Californian one day who used the same ATM and he was unable to withdraw 400USD. We thought at first it was his card not working there, then he re-tried at the lesser amount and was successful.

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