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Recent content by MeganG22

  1. MeganG22

    Comment by 'MeganG22' in media 'The journey's end'

    I see it differently each time I look :)
  2. MeganG22

    What is the most intimidating aspect of walking the Camino Frances on your own?

    I walked alone in 2014 determined that it would make me more outgoing and help me meet new people (I walked with a partner in 2012 and we were our own social unit, which was comforting but also a little disappointing.) I will admit I did not do that well with my promise to myself, until a couple...
  3. MeganG22

    (*Update) September 2019! The countdown chain is getting shorter....

    How exciting!! I love your chain- I can feel butterflies in my own stomach thinking about it getting shorter and shorter, I can only imagine how you feel! So happy that she will be able to experience some Camino magic with you, and what a fantastic honeymoon idea! Buen Camino :)
  4. MeganG22

    Comment by 'MeganG22' in media 'The travelers' rest'

    Well that is a bummer to hear!! At least we have the wonderful memories.
  5. MeganG22

    Where are some veteran members?

    There is a Mark Lee who responds to many many posts on the APOC group on Facebook. I wonder if it is the same gentleman!
  6. MeganG22

    If the Camino Frances stays crazy...

    Hi Erin, Just chiming in with my two cents- I am currently on the Frances in Astorga. I have walked two Caminos, both in October, in 2012 and 2014, which were amazing. When I got off the bus a few weekends ago in Pamplona, all albergues were full so I continued on 5k to the next place to find...
  7. MeganG22

    Climbing on the camino?

    My gut response regarding climbing would be no... though I will not claim to have looked for a climbing gym in any city. Guess you may be able to locate one in Burgos or Leon since they are bigger, but the chances are slim to none that you would find them in other towns along the Way. As for...
  8. MeganG22

    Daily foot care at day's end

    My care was basic, but I won't do it any other way now after two Caminos. I do use a little bit of Glide on my feet in the morning- mostly under my toes (right where they meet the sole) maybe a bit between, and a bit around the back of my heels. Everytime I arrive at an albergue, after a...
  9. MeganG22

    Useful item but hard to justify in your pack

    My "Stick"! To roll out sore muscles-- I use it each morning before walking and usually after stopping for the day. I credit it with getting me through the first week of my first Camino. Took it on the second, and will pack it once again in a few months for the third. Many many other pilgrims...
  10. MeganG22

    Booking albergues or not

    Hi Kelly, There are many MANY threads on this, from as recently as yesterday. If you use the search option for the forum you can find a lot of them. There are arguments on both sides of course! I have walked twice and never booked ahead- except for my stay in Santiago. I walked in October both...
  11. MeganG22

    How to get to the Santiago airport at 4 am?

    Hi Claudia- In October 2014 I stayed at The Last Stamp albergue and they called a taxi for me sometime between 4-5am. I was concerned about getting to the airport for my 6am flight, but I'll tell you now- the airport is SO small and that early in the morning there is NO ONE there. Don't feel...
  12. MeganG22

    Comment by 'MeganG22' in media 'Camino Doors 3'

    I planned on taking a good camera on my next Camino to only take photos of doors. These are lovely!
  13. MeganG22

    18 too young?

    I'll add to the chorus... GO FOR IT! I walked for the first time at 27... again at 29... and will again in the Spring, now at 31. If you want to do it and the Camino is calling, I say absolutely don't hesitate. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could change your life! If you can...
  14. MeganG22

    It was bound to happen... Gone are the km indicators

    Well, this is... quite disheartening to say the absolute least. But I guess no less than I have come to expect from some people on the Camino. Why anyone would ever think they have a right to do something like this is beyond me. Let's just cross our fingers that someday this is resolved.
  15. MeganG22

    Favorite Luxury Item on Camino?

    Oooo definitely The Stick! Use it in the morning, in the evening, and sometimes on breaks ;) I credit it with saving my legs the first week and a half of my first Camino for sure! People would always ask to borrow it and I...