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  1. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Boston Bombings

    Boston will be breathing easier this morning though it is worrying that these brothers appeared not to have been able to intergrate into mainstream society. Candace the explosion/fire has been major news here in the UK and we were sorry to hear about it.
  2. methodist.pilgrim.98

    One of those moments

    One gust of Camino wind and the umbrella is useless. You then have to decide whether to pollute the Camino by throwing it away into the ditch (joking)or carrying a bit of dead weight till the next bin. Still, the Camino is supposed to be about character building. :roll:
  3. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Camino Ingles - planned trip with child / July 2013

    that bus shelter saved my life also! In 2009 I sent this correction to JW. I do not know if it is in the current guide. This is on the road to Sigueiro and is some 5km after Caroline's bar. JW. A little further on cross a main road with a bus stop which is useful for a rest on a hot day this...
  4. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Which Football team

    My eldest (disowned) son is a liverpool supporter and has been to Anfield. He is also a Camino pilgrim and I bought the shirt that Al talks about. It says in English, You'll never walk alone and the Spanish "No solo". I think the Spanish really should translate, Never Walk Alone, but its a...
  5. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Worried about St Jean

    The pilgrim office at 39 rue de citadel also seem to have their finger on the pulse of what's available and they work really hard to get people sorted.
  6. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Leave in 10 days - FIVE last minute questions for you!

    my wife stays at home, too but I have seen couples split up for the day and there has been at least one thread on this. just don't do what one couple did in one albergue where I was staying. they went into the only bathroom with the one toilet and stayed there half an hour with not a towel in...
  7. methodist.pilgrim.98

    One of those moments

    the feeling of love to the rain wears off as you do this.
  8. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Which Football team

    Re: Which Soccer team 2004. In a bar in Portomarin drinking coffee, watching world cup. England 1-0 up against France with less than minutes to go. France win the game. I paid coins for the exact amount I owed and the bar man pushed some of it back towards me. I said Gracias and kept it. The...
  9. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Where would you put a new albergue?

    In 1998 and 2004 there were two villagers who were wardens at Hornillos. In 1998 there was no bar. That night the lady warden got three pilgrims to take food orders and then drove them to a shop in the next village where they bought the supplies. They carefully recorded what money we had given...
  10. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Which Football team

    Re: Which Soccer team Well yeah but I was in the ground in Wembley for the United v Barcelona final in 2011. I would rather have been in Spain.
  11. methodist.pilgrim.98

    One of those moments

    Candace, just look at my signature. If you want I could send you video taken of the Rain In Spain, but it won't do anything to cheer you up. :wink: It is all art of the Camino experience. The Camino taught me one thing. I cannot abide rain on my glasses. A waterproof hat with a wide brim is...
  12. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Which Football team

    Re: Which Soccer team I combined my November 2012 Camino with going to see Braga at their home ground. A wonderful night that had it all. It was the coldest I have ever been at a football ground and they turned their coffee making facilities off because they could not cope with the number of...
  13. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Camino Romance

    I met a couple in November 2012 who met on the Camino. He has now joined her in Canada from his native Australia, and we keep in contact via Facebook. I think it is going to work. I have met pilgrims who met someone on the Camino, they moved in together and it didn't work out, but that is the...
  14. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Cash or card?

    Anna you cannot know how much this cheered me up. :lol:
  15. methodist.pilgrim.98

    Which Football team

    Re: Which Soccer team I just tell everyone I hold a season ticket at Manchester United and that Barcelona ruin my life. That goes down real well. :evil:

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