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Recent content by MichaelB10398

  1. MichaelB10398

    Leave no Trace?

    In many ways we need to teach our young what is and what is not beauty. When there is no instruction or exposure to the beautiful, things can get twisted easily. I realize this flies in the face of the old saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but it does not take a rocket scientist...
  2. MichaelB10398

    A "moveable feast" tradition

    The linked article sets my mind afire with a wide range of thoughts. My first reaction was completely unrelated to the topic. I grew up farming - planting and harvesting crops, raising animals, collecting eggs from the chicken coop, filling the freezer with meat from some of the animals we...
  3. MichaelB10398

    Hallow App is great for Camino

    One of the options the App provides is having background sound - particularly good in the evening preparing for sleep. Though there are a few different sounds, one of them is Gregorian Chant, which I really enjoy. The experience of saying the Rosary or listening to scripture readings, etc. is...
  4. MichaelB10398

    Hallow App is great for Camino

    Recently I was listening to a podcast and there was a brief commercial on an App called Hallow ( It is designed as a Catholic prayer and meditation app, but I have found that much of it could be used by those who simply appreciate Christianity also. What I have found most...
  5. MichaelB10398

    Porto to Fatima daytrip?

    Lisbon really is a wonderful old city. It makes me think of a great, old Dame. You can really feel the great wealth and power of Portugal of yesteryear. Today she is just a wonderful place to visit and enjoy the sights and the people.
  6. MichaelB10398

    Trekking Poles Turned Me into the Flash

    As an aside, I find that using a good set of poles not only assists in an easier walk but also facilitates a more contemplative way of walking. With practice, I think you will find a more enjoyable way forward.
  7. MichaelB10398

    Checked the “toe issues” threads... this one is not addressed (so far)

    That does sound painful and odd. I don't have that issue; however, as I have gotten older I have noticed that simple things have begun to pop up. For example, if I am standing in my home barefoot focused on a task...while standing...I will at times begin to really grip the floor with my toes. I...
  8. MichaelB10398

    "Profanation" of the Burgos Cathedral

    Our modern times, in so many ways, has really lost the appreciation and concept of what is and what is not beauty. When looking at modern art we see more about color, texture, and a rather twisted sense of what is form. Most of our architecture is utilitarian rather than being designed for...
  9. MichaelB10398

    BBC ‘In our time’ Feb 18

    A really good episode for everyone. There is a lot there and the reading list is worth reviewing for those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of medieval pilgrimage.
  10. MichaelB10398

    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    What a dynamic time, opportunity, and future experience ahead for you. I have traveled extensively. I have done what you are contemplating twice - once for a few years in France and another time for a few years in the Middle East. What I learned is that I can be happy anywhere. However, some...
  11. MichaelB10398

    Am I the only one who...

    I am a reader and I read all kinds of books. I enjoy history, philosophy, religion, science fiction, poetry, plays, literature from all eras, and fantasy to name just a few. Our home is filled with books; I collect books and found many to be some treasured friends. I have read a few books by...
  12. MichaelB10398

    Opinion on Son walking the Camino

    I thought the context of this "it" is just a love of the Camino. Some walk the Camino without leaving any degree of impact or long term appreciation. Others walk it and it becomes a passion. I did not see or detect any degree of judgment, but a desire that a loved one would find the same...
  13. MichaelB10398

    Opinion on Son walking the Camino

    The Camino calls out to whomever she chooses regardless of age. In the case of your son, the fact that you share your experiences with him is what is important. Should the Camino beckon to him, then he will choose to go...or not. It is a matter of his choice and his timing. My thoughts are...
  14. MichaelB10398

    The Solace of Memory

    A wonderful prelude to a book should be in the offing. I hope you will consider it as I would enjoy such a stroll through wonderful memories. I have found that my memory is found behind a locked door at times. It must be poked and jogged like a thief does to open a safe before it yields its...
  15. MichaelB10398

    Three Ways from Perigueux

    I lived in Perigueux for a year in the late 70's. What a delightful city. My apartment was in the Maison des Consuls, which is situated right in front of the river Isle. It would be great to walk-through the area again.