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MichelleElynHogan's latest activity

  • MichelleElynHogan
    I was wondering why not use a poncho or rain jacket, whatever is in the pack already, if really needed? And for me, I would have no other uses. Therefore, at least for me, it would get tossed.
  • MichelleElynHogan
    MichelleElynHogan reacted to Robo's post in the thread Ass Pads - A Serious Topic! with Wow Wow.
    OK, I have too much time on my hands...obviously :oops: I'm going over and over my packing list, looking to improve it by: Taking items out. Swapping in lighter items. Making sure items are at least dual purpose. And inevitably, all this...
  • MichelleElynHogan
    MichelleElynHogan reacted to Arn's post in the thread The FORUM...means what to you? with Like Like.
    In 2005, a friend handed me a book saying, "Arn, you're adventurous. Have you ever considered walking the 900 years old pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago in Spain? As she asked the question, she handed me a much-used and dog-eared...
  • MichelleElynHogan
    ‘In our time’ - the usually erudite BBC Radio 4 programme which justifies the licence fee in itself, is doing ‘medieval pilgrimage’ today. It’s available afterwards as a podcast on BBC sounds and elsewhere
  • MichelleElynHogan
    Though still understood, in a pinch, it would be, "mis amigos / amigas.
  • MichelleElynHogan
    I am pondering a massive life-change... it's been on my mind for several years. The scales are tipping as I grow beyond weary with my work and into the realm of quotidian frustration. I am considering cashing my chips and "commuting my pension"...
  • MichelleElynHogan
    MichelleElynHogan reacted to Arn's post in the thread EW....that's disgusting! with Like Like.
    Now, before you go off into LaLa Land, this thread is about FOOD. When I was growing up many decades ago, I'll bet we can agree that there was a time your mother put something in front of you to eat and, if your response wasn't a simple NO...
  • MichelleElynHogan
    MichelleElynHogan reacted to Bri-Guy's post in the thread Camino Finisterre Patch with Like Like.
    Hello everyone, I am searching for a place to purchase a Camino Finisterre patch. I’ve gotten patches from the Camino Frances, as well as the Camino Portuguese, but haven’t had any luck finding one for the Camino Finisterre. Any help would be...
  • MichelleElynHogan
    Overarching all the legalities and directives, and rules, though I do not question the spirit in which this trip is devised, I must wonder why now? Yes, there will be issues crossing borders. There will be issues in finding accomodation and...
  • MichelleElynHogan
    With vaccines behind me, I'm starting to think that maybe there is a chance for a Le Puy in August. Would love thoughts on that, realizing everything is "unknown"... A good flight is appearing , it takes me to Canada though (from the US), its the...