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  1. MichelleElynHogan

    Fun With a Poncho. . . multitasking

    Though not in the market immediately, I have looked at the Helikon and Snugpak offerings of the combo, Poncho / Blanket. With the two together, perhaps a sleeping bag is not needed.
  2. MichelleElynHogan

    Magic wand

    Need more pins?
  3. MichelleElynHogan

    Lovely to see life return to Praza do Obradoiro (webcam)

    I had a peek about 5 PM local May 16, 2020 and though quite sparse, there were a few dozen folks, some walking together but respecting physical distancing.
  4. MichelleElynHogan

    On this date in May...

    On May 10, 2018, I walked from Zariquiegui, just outside of Pamplona, to Mañeru. The toughest part was climbing down from Alto del Perdón as the path has been terribly washed out for decades. Just before the climb from the river valley just past Puente La Reina, I met a couple who had stopped...
  5. MichelleElynHogan

    Is the Osprey Atmos/Aura 50 AG the best Camino backpack ever?

    Though I admit my favourite pack has been a 48L Osprey Kestrel, I have determined that more is not better. Yes the Osprey company pads straps and backs and waist belts top make carrying weight as comfortable as possible. But the real determining factor, and one that keeps me from arranging my...
  6. MichelleElynHogan

    News from Spain

    Personally, I grieve the losses of others in this time long before personal considerations. The sheer magnitude of their loss negates everything that we consider our individual inconveniences. My Prayers go out to all who have been touched by this pandemic, physically, economically and spiritually.
  7. MichelleElynHogan

    Camping Lightweight camping gear

    Zpacks makes just about all of their products with Cuben, an extremely light and expensive material. The Sil/nylon material is less expensive and a touch heavier. It is like most things. You can have a $50 tent but it will be heavy and / or poorly constructed. When the cost of the material...
  8. MichelleElynHogan

    Getting the "run around"...

    In all of this, patience is an important strength, but first with yourself, then with everyone else. Treat everyone as if you are infected. It is amazing how the respect for other can rise. Your story will be longer than most. Patience and the understanding that it is like this everywhere on...
  9. MichelleElynHogan

    An Ultralight Two-Person Tent On Sale. Available in the EU, too.

    I would never put out the funds for a Gossamer tent but their packs? Maybe so.
  10. MichelleElynHogan

    Camping Lightweight camping gear

    Many have done this research, myself included. The culmination to my work was a Tarp Tent Contrail. It is a single person tent but with enough room for two to sleep. What really sold me was the weight, only about 450g. It uses 1 walking pole to erect just about anywhere. The bad news is that the...
  11. MichelleElynHogan

    Spain eases restrictions

    The World will restart, but slowly and with great caution.
  12. MichelleElynHogan

    Lets Build an Albergue!

    The first item for consideration is, "Location." Fortunately, Spain has over 3,000 abandoned villages that can be utilized to supplement present offerings. Youtube can show many. One that is now being reconstituted is about 7 km due South of Espinal. It can also be seen on Google maps, Lacabe.
  13. MichelleElynHogan

    Still starting my Camino

    In 2017, I kept track of my walking before returning to the CF in 2018. 938 km, equal to going thru SdC to Muxia and then Fisterra. It will happen, eventually.
  14. MichelleElynHogan

    Helping cafes, bars, albergues and Camino businesses during COVID shutdown

    Municipales are likely the ones that will open first. They can store everything, shut off the water and electricity and lock the doors till it is time to open again.
  15. MichelleElynHogan

    When can we walk again? (March 2020 version)

    My decision not to travel this year was made last month. Further, we have been advised that our Canadian Military are prepared to return home at a moment's notice, should they be needed. Quietly, if this is the situation, most national armed forces are in the same posture. During the...

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