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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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  1. MichelleElynHogan

    Ass Pads - A Serious Topic!

    I was wondering why not use a poncho or rain jacket, whatever is in the pack already, if really needed? And for me, I would have no other uses. Therefore, at least for me, it would get tossed.
  2. MichelleElynHogan

    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    Though still understood, in a pinch, it would be, "mis amigos / amigas.
  3. MichelleElynHogan

    A layover in Canada , coming from the US

    Overarching all the legalities and directives, and rules, though I do not question the spirit in which this trip is devised, I must wonder why now? Yes, there will be issues crossing borders. There will be issues in finding accomodation and honouring restrictions. There must come a point in...
  4. MichelleElynHogan

    New ferry route Ireland to Spain?

    This is good news. Hoping it can be maintained throughout the next couple of years.
  5. MichelleElynHogan

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    For me, #2 is most efficient as I can take my clothes off in the shower, wash me, then my clothes, towel off, get dressed and go out and hang clothes to dry. Then, I have time to comb my hair and take care of any other things like brush teeth, lotion and potions, and FOOT CARE, before going for...
  6. MichelleElynHogan

    How much Spanish do you need on the VDLP

    Two considerations: 1) The longer the trip, the more Spanish will be used / needed. 2) The more you know, the more enjoyable the trip due to greater understanding and communication with Native speakers.
  7. MichelleElynHogan

    Nearly 85% Decrease in Pilgrims in 2020

    I would have been surprised at any number above zero this last year. It is like the World refuses to acknowledge and understand what a PANDEMIC means. I am glad you are on your way to completing innoculations but until we are all vaccinated, we are all at risk.
  8. MichelleElynHogan

    Reservations in albergues municipal in 2021

    Over means no one can infect anyone else with Covid-19. As we know, we have recently seen a new variant. Who knows if the vaccine that was rolled out only days ago will cover the variant, or, if we can be infected more than once with any variant? Also, who knows how many times we will find new...
  9. MichelleElynHogan

    Reservations in albergues municipal in 2021

    I doubt this will be over until maybe 2023 or 2024.
  10. MichelleElynHogan

    Home Country "Caminos"

    Perhaps other options can be incorporated such as B&B's, couch surfing and inexpensive motels? Not coming to mind at the moment as to the title but a few years ago, a movie came out with two old actors who took on the Appalachian Trail. They ducked out of Trail Life when they needed to...
  11. MichelleElynHogan

    NEW update on Dave Bugg

    Wonderful, WONDERFUL News! And you were a mere 80 miles from where I live, though the Pandemic has the borders closed. Merry Christmas and a Most Healthy and Happy New Year!!!
  12. MichelleElynHogan

    Sounds of the Camino

    - bleating of sheep. - someone walking near me with a steel tip walking pole. - sitting by a stream, listening to the water flow by. - the wind.
  13. MichelleElynHogan

    Map Question

    If you can find your own tube, maybe a dollar store, this map looks like what you're looking for; https://www.maptogo.fr/en/3d-raised-maps/1617-way-of-st-james-camino-frances-del-norte-3d-relief-map-77-x-23-cm-all-3d-form-9788417032340.html
  14. MichelleElynHogan

    New Low-Cost High-speed train company in Spain

    Be very careful with any online train services. In 2018, when an injury requiring hospital services delayed my departure from Paris to Bayonne, I lost out. My ticket could not be used on the next train or refunded. The cost was 150% more than my online ticket.
  15. MichelleElynHogan

    Another botched "restoration" in Spain

    If I did not know better, I would think that Inspector Clouseau was still on the loose.