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  • Mick McQueen
    Mick McQueen replied to the thread I am soooooo pumped!.
    Well said I absolutely agree with your assessment of the situation in Europe, nothing wrong with enthusiasm but in the cold light of day it’s just not the right time. Yes there are some vaccines working at 90% untested but what people fail to see...
  • Mick McQueen
    Mick McQueen reacted to biarritzdon's post in the thread I am soooooo pumped! with Like Like.
    I wish I could share the enthusiasm. Considering the low rates of vaccinations in Europe and the issues with variants of Covid, I don't think it is prudent to venture out until later in 2022. You can change my name to Donnie Downer from now on...
  • Mick McQueen
    I lobbed in Pamplona in May 2017, walked to the bus station purchased the tickets to SJPDP and away I went. Who wants to stress about planning just go with the flow.
  • Mick McQueen
    Absolute lunacy and irresponsible governments, seems like every UK citizen that arrives in Australia has Covid so much so we have banned our own people from returning from Britain. All in good time.. patience is needed
  • Mick McQueen
    Mick McQueen reacted to Stivandrer's post in the thread Possible to walk May 2021 with Like Like.
    I firmly believe that May and the coming summer is highly insecure, in that even IF numbers go down, new mobility within Spain will surely bring new spikes and renemed high numbers. Think, "Oh it´s just little Me taking a small trip without...
  • Mick McQueen
    Mick McQueen reacted to Kathar1na's post in the thread Possible to walk May 2021 with Thank you Thank you.
    What we are doing, of course, is trying to assess the situation in a month's time or later, based on the situation as it is now, and we are looking for green leaves of hope peeking out of the ground somewhere. So once you have sussed out the...
  • Mick McQueen
    Mick McQueen replied to the thread Possible to walk May 2021.
    I’ve stayed silent and read post after post of complete nonsense as to pilgrims wanting to walk in Spain during this pandemic. For goodness sake read a newspaper or watch the news as our poor people in Europe are battling there second and some...
  • Mick McQueen
    Wear runners, who needs boots or sandals and that’s coming from a 30 year army infantry veteran. Adidas also have a nice one with rubber strip down the big toe area too.
  • Mick McQueen
    Coming from a Pom ole mate Dave I hope this article is tongue in cheek, and that’s coming from a clean living convict from down under lol 😂