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  1. mickcope

    Maps and directions.

    Is this any use - https://hiking.waymarkedtrails.org/#?map=8!44.1514!3.3941 Mick
  2. mickcope

    Getting to oviedo

    I flew to Madrid and then got the Oviedo train. It is great and you can book seats online
  3. mickcope

    Bus - Logrono to Bilbao

    Hi I will need to get a bus from Logrono to Bilbao to hit a flight departure time - anyone know what the service is like ? And possible recommended bus company thanks in anticipation mick
  4. mickcope

    Starting in Sarria

    Santiago is dead easy -
  5. mickcope

    Camino Finisterre Newbie

    HI . - i start the 20th October from Santiago Mick
  6. mickcope

    Marine advice on Blisters

    Sorry you are correct - he is still on reserve Also - sorry for confusion the 52 was total loading i think with all kit and weapon - so not in the rucksack I said the same thing to him about the 'cake up' problem - A few people mention the inner sock - not tried it - but will do now . thanks...
  7. mickcope

    Marine advice on Blisters

    As a newbie - I got the sense that a lot of people (a) used vaseline on their feet to prevent blisters and (b) advised not pricking a blister if it does appear. Talking with an ex marine this morning - (he used to walk with 52kg !!!) - they used to (a) use talcum powder on their feet as opposed...
  8. mickcope

    Porto Coastal Route Stage stage guide.

    HI . - are you doing the walk ? How is it going? Mick
  9. mickcope

    Walking in September

    Hi all - just negotiating diary time with the wife so i can take two weeks for the Portuguese route. Im looking at mid sept - not sure on coastal or inland yet. Has anyone done that period and have any thoughts or tips? Thanks in advance Mick
  10. mickcope

    Allow for extra day in Santiago?

    As a non-chatty person - I loved my time in Santiago. Just sitting in the plaza talking with other pilgrims. I almost became sociable - but please don’t tell my family
  11. mickcope

    Sleeping in the hostels

    This trip is my first so I have played safe and used hotels. I would like to try the hostels - but have seen a few comments about people not sleeping well after being disturbed by others in the night. I wonder what the general experience is. Do people get a decent nights sleep in the...
  12. mickcope

    average daily distance

    Sorry . Camino francés . Ta . MIck
  13. mickcope

    average daily distance

    We are coming out to start the Camino next year. But as to be expected - there are a range of norms on this site for the daily distance walked. I wondered do many people plan to walk a rough 30km day? Cheers Mick

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