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  1. Moominmamma

    The camino is boring landscapes, paved roads, traffic…

    I started my second Camino in Southern Switzerland and walked across the Alps to Basel before heading down south (both my friend who lives in Basel and I wanted to walk from home), and the parts of the camino in Switzerland were stunning but the atmosphere is undeniably different to that in...
  2. Moominmamma

    Is it possible to cycle 200km in 5 days?

    Hello, I agree with what the others have said about distance. The first year I cycled part of the Camino we did about 500kms in a week and I’m really not that fit. To be fair we did 90kms with 700m up the first day which was far too much and I nearly gave up as everything hurt like anything. The...
  3. Moominmamma

    Le Puy to SJPP

    We’ve done the Le Puy route from there to Saint Cirq Lapopie via the Célé variant and I took the Lightfoot Guide and my friend Miam Miam Dodo (MMDD). The Lightfoot was nice for the descriptions but not essential and I’ll save weight next year and not take it. Its elevation graphs are also a bit...
  4. Moominmamma

    Rocamadour too many tourists?

    This is the main tourist street mid-afternoon late July last summer. There were tourists but not unbearable. If you leave the main drag (and climb) there are far fewer people. It’s a gorgeous place, and so are the nearby caves where you can take an underground boat.
  5. Moominmamma

    Le Puy musings and plannings....

    This July was insanely hot, walking past 11am was almost impossible. We ended up kayaking (on the Célé and into Estaing) and even walked at night once. We planned on having a rest day in Conques but although it was gorgeous it was super touristy so we carried on and had our rest day in Figeac...
  6. Moominmamma

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    I’ve been using my Cascadias on the Le Puy route and also my Tevas. Last year I wore my Sportiva mid boots for 3 days and got blisters then switched to Tevas for the rest of the time (7 more days) and had no foot trouble, but went slowly down the steep rocky descents and used poles. This year I...
  7. Moominmamma

    What to wear in bed?

    I LOVE my Purple rain skirt. I do the same - (tight) light yoga shorts that I wear under the skirt plus next day's t-shirt (that I've put on after my shower). Next morning put on my skirt and I'm good to go.
  8. Moominmamma

    Traffic and trash

    We found a lot of friendly people on the Ingles 3 years ago, including a woman before Neda who invited us to pick fruit from her orchard, use her bathroom and she made us coffee and introduced us to her extended family. People would wave and slow down in cars and even say thank you for walking...
  9. Moominmamma

    What to wear in bed?

    I just wore the clothes I was going to be walking in the next day that I'd changed into after my shower, often minus the trousers as the zips were annoying. I didn't take extra clothes, and I'm planning to do the same when I continue Le Puy route this summer.
  10. Moominmamma

    Spirituality, theft and staying aware on the Camino - from a current pilgrim

    We're leaving from Le Puy end of June, maybe we'll see you somewhere. We started in Chiasso, rather than Geneva, though that's another camino on my wishlist, and went via Basel (in stages) and luckily have encountered a lot of friendliness and many camino angels. I do sleep with my valuables and...
  11. Moominmamma

    Snoring on an Airplane?

    I am afraid I snore on the plane.
  12. Moominmamma

    Taking a Chariot...

    Let us know how it goes, as I'm still trying to persuade my husband to let us bring our youngest (now 4) one time. I've gone with a friend from Chiasso in CH to Le Puy (in stages) and our husbands and older teens are joining us for the next stage this summer, but I'd love to hear of experiences...
  13. Moominmamma

    Camino del Sureste

    Very interesting, thank you, I didn't even know about this route!
  14. Moominmamma

    Celtic Camino 2018

    Tapadh leat.
  15. Moominmamma

    LIVE from the Camino Biking

    My friend and I have been doing the camino from Chiasso in Switzerland over the past couple of years in stages. We walked across Switzerland to Basel and from there cycled on a tandem bike to Le Puy (partly because I haven't cycled in 20 years and also because we felt it fitted with the camino...