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Recent content by motero99

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    The Best Clothing ? And the winner is....

    The best clothing I took on the Camino Frances in May to early June 2019 was a Patagonia 1/4 zip better sweater. I wore it almost every day to begin the hike. It even served as a pillow at times.
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    Special albergues on the Meseta

    In Hornillos I stayed at the Meeting Point in 2019. It was run by a brother and sister. Dinner was an outstanding paella. The kitchen area was open if you wanted to watch her cook. I was the only American that night. On one side of me was a group of Italians and on the other a French group...
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    Do I change it or do I still keep it?

    I am sure that she was uncomfortable. Her walking style involved multiple long days then a rest day, Roncesvalles to Pamplona for example. I don't think anything would be comfortable with long hauls like that.
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    Do I change it or do I still keep it?

    On the Camino Frances in 2019, I met a young woman who started with a new backpack in St. Jean PP. She traded it in in Pamplona for a different brand. A week later I ran into her again and she had just purchased a third backpack. I have often wondered how many times she changed backpacks...
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    Should I pack my kindle?

    I took a Kindle fire on the Camino Frances. I do not enjoy reading on a phone. I was able to spend a time every day reading and was able to download books from my local library if I needed something new to read. Since the Fire also has a browser, I was able to see headlines of what was...
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    Where is this on the Camino?

    Only negative experience I had on the Camino Frances in 2019 was in Santa Catalina. Stayed at the first albergue which is on the right as you enter the town. It was nice, but not very friendly. After dinner I asked if they were going to show the Champions League final on the tv. There was a...
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    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    I too loved the Buen Camino app. A suggestion to the developers, can you rename the new app to something similar but slightly different, such as been Camino 2 or whatever works. That would allow people to install both versions and as the new one is improved and user confidence builds in it, we...
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    What do you have to take every Camino?

    Patagonia Better Sweater. Wore it every morning and evening on my Camino and sometimes used it as a pillow.
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    Absolute Bare Minimum Packing List

    treacle - the point I was making is that there is an alternative to a bar of soap. I for one never thought of shampoo as a multipurpose alternative to the way we have been indoctrinated to have a separate product for our body, hair, and clothes. I did start my camino with both a hotel size bar...
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    Are there any resale stores for used equipment in Santiago de Compostela

    When I finish my Camino in June, I would be interested purchasing some used equipment for family who want to do a Camino next year. I know that some pilgrims get rid of stuff and I am wondering if there is a location in Santiago that resells the stuff left. thank you
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    Absolute Bare Minimum Packing List

    Why bring soap? Use shampoo. You can purchase small bottles at many albergues if needed. I use it to wash my hair and then my body. It is also great to wash clothes. It got a wine stain out of my clothes from the wine fountain. A bar of soap is inconvenient.
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    Short first Day? CF

    Orisson is a good first day. I did the Camino starting in SJPP 9 months after having a serious heart attack. Orisson was the perfect distance to get used to hiking up steep terrain. I had to stop a few times on the hike to take a quick break when my pulse got a bit high. At dinner they have...
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    Tacky or Cool?

    There was a poster in Burgo of a man's chest with Camino stamps. The people I was around thought it was cool.
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    Compostela questions for Santiago and Finesterre

    How long do you have after finishing the Camino to get your certificate in Santiago? I am thinking of continuing on to Finisterre immediately after arriving in Santiago. Is there any reason that my credentials would not be accepted if I returned to Santiago 3 or 4 days later and went to the...
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    Best Mobile Phone SIM card and plan in Europe?

    I used Orange on the Camino Frances. When I was down to .01Euro, I tried to refill it, I kept getting errors that said the process failed. After completing the Camino, I went to an Orange store in San Sebastian, but was told I had to refill it at the same rate/plan as the original sim. I was...