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  1. Mountainman

    Just back from the Camino del Salvador

    I think it is these (see end of link, those. croquis-y-perfil links appear under each etappa when selected:ón-puente-de-alba/croquis-y-perfil/
  2. Mountainman

    GPS tracks available of El Salvador

    Thanks! I will preferably not use it, but it is great to have as a backup!
  3. Mountainman

    Just back from the Camino del Salvador

    You are right, I did not look at the date at all, sorry! I found Enders guide on his FB page, but in the form of a slideshow. Do you (or anyone else) know if there is a way to download it? Or is there another format there that I missed? I would like to take it with me on my phone, if possible...
  4. Mountainman

    Just back from the Camino del Salvador

    Hola Peregrina2000, first of all thank you for the info! I have acouple of questions regarding your remark I quoted above, just to clarify it for me: - how would you say this information is better then the CSJ Salvador Guide: New Second Edition! that is posted by Rebekah? As the latter is in...
  5. Mountainman

    Flight & bus ticket bought - a new adventure is about to start

    I will start a few days before you, and am not in a rush so I am sure you will fly by me at some point! Say hi when you do :D, you'll be able to recognise me by my orange crocs dangling at the back of my pack! ;-)
  6. Mountainman

    All the alternative routes on the Norte - prepare or wing it?

    I will most likely be doing it in September, starting late august or early September. But not 100% sure yet...
  7. Mountainman

    Camino Primitivo in the Rain

    Some people walk in the rain; others just get wet :D
  8. Mountainman


    First off, show no mercy and whack these creeps whenever wherever. And that from am far from a violent man... Second, I know from personal experience (yes guys too have these kind of experiences, mine was in a public toilet in Burgos, wont go into details ;-) that you are too flabbergasted to...
  9. Mountainman


    Well, this thread put a downer on my anticipation! This September, I am (still) planning to go sock-less in sandals! And sleep outdoors some nights... Any buddies needing/doing a buddy check will be welcomed on my path!
  10. Mountainman

    Is Spanish fluency essential on the Primativo?

    From what I've heard, September could be the nicest month weather wise! Having said that, layering options are always good! I'll be doing the Norte & probably Primitivo in September this year, and am still contemplating either my 3/4 pants or long ones... Dont like zipoffs... Other than that, I...
  11. Mountainman

    A Great Experience

    Hi Mike, I will start my Norte late Aug/early Sept, and would love to have a coffee/beer (depending on time of day ;-) ), a talk and if you want, a walk together! How will I get in touch? Through the forum I suppose? Cheers, Martin
  12. Mountainman

    All the alternative routes on the Norte - prepare or wing it?

    I will wing it, but at the same time intend to do as many alluring alternatives as possible. So I hope to stick to the coast a lot! I have no specific end date, and am carrying a sleeping bag, so I will wing it and sleep where and when I need to! ;-)
  13. Mountainman

    All the alternative routes on the Norte - prepare or wing it?

    Thanks everyone! So I am just going to wing it! Though I will make sure I have the Gronze with me as well to fall back on (I found an app for my iPhone that stores offline webpages, called Offline Reader). And I will make a list of peoples favorite albergues, and will see on the road if they...
  14. Mountainman

    All the alternative routes on the Norte - prepare or wing it?

    Hi guys & girls, I will be doing the Camino del Norte in September. I read quite a bit about all the alternative routes on the Norte. Do I need to prepare for this? I am inclined to just wing it and see, and use my hospitaleros as information sources (though I will be sleeping outside at...