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  1. mylifeonvacation

    On this date in May...

    May 21, 2015 - Camino Portugues Porriño - Redondela
  2. mylifeonvacation

    New private donativo albergue in Ferrol

    Yes, that would be correct. The building looks very nice. The 4th floor would be the top level and the view from the photos in the article matches what you can see across the street on Google Maps. It is just a few doors down from Zahara.
  3. mylifeonvacation

    London to Coruña or Asturias.

    Yeah, it had me worried too when that direct wasn't showing up during my travel planning - I also think it's just that Vueling doesn't publish so far out. It's a popular flight!
  4. mylifeonvacation

    London to Coruña or Asturias.

    I haven't seen anything that that direct flight to A Coruña being eliminated. I'm suspecting that the direct flights just aren't published yet. I've noticed when looking in advance for that same Heathrow - A Coruña flight that the direct isn't available until a few months prior to the flight date.
  5. mylifeonvacation

    Live - Camino Ingles Looking (and sounding!) like the road from Sarria

    500-600 people per day on the Ingles? Smell of decaying flesh?? I'm having a little trouble with both of these statements - were there some posts deleted after these were discussed? I see the person who made these statements is now a "deleted member". Still, I would hate for a newbie to read...
  6. mylifeonvacation

    Ingles in March or Summer 2020

    I always try to maximize my time off too. From the east coast it's easy enough to find an evening flight on, let's say, a Friday night and get a connecting flight that arrives into Santiago de Compostela or A Coruña in the late afternoon/evening on Saturday. I try to make sure to allow about 2...
  7. mylifeonvacation

    Taxi's on the Ingles.

    Actually, Uber just started operating in A Coruña at the end of July. But on the route from Ferrol that won't do any good. I echo what the others have said - utilize a local taxi service. Some hotels will do pick-ups from the route. Buen Camino!
  8. mylifeonvacation

    LIVE from the Camino Currently in Sigüeiro

    The two places are most likely Café Restaurante Mirás and Restaurante Cortéz. I’ve not personally been to either, but both are recommended by locals.
  9. mylifeonvacation

    New xunta albergue at Ordes

    It’s a bit hidden sort of uphill from the road, up a narrow tree-lined lane. I took this photo from already partway up the lane, so you can see how it’s not actually right on the road.
  10. mylifeonvacation

    New xunta albergue at Ordes

    I just saw this posted on FB on a Spanish Camino Ingles page.
  11. mylifeonvacation

    New xunta albergue at Ordes

    Yes, it’s actually right next door to Anton Veiras. I drove by there in March when they were laying down concrete. Also, plans are in the works for the City of Ordes to make a path for the 2km walk from the Albergue into town. It’s kind of a busy road, so that will be a nice option when...
  12. mylifeonvacation

    Advice for the Camino Ingles for June 2019.

    You are right, @davebugg There are several hotels, pensiones, rooms, and casas rurales that don’t get talked about much, but are available (depending on budget, or course) and somewhat nearby the route. Google maps is a great resource to check out the locations. Until more accommodations are...
  13. mylifeonvacation

    Churches on The Ingles

    There’s a small chapel across the road from Bar Avelina, which is on both legs of the route. The ladies in the café-bar can get the key from the neighbor who holds it and take you over, time permitting. There’s also a large century tree that is a neat photo op.
  14. mylifeonvacation

    Prize-winning architecture in A Coruña

    It is a striking building! I have never seen it from the angle in the article, but just from the street, driving by. If you leave the Torre de Hercules going towards the right (heading for the Orzán and Riazor beaches) you'll first pass the aquarium on your right and then around the next curve...
  15. mylifeonvacation

    Could you be a Hospitable Hermit?

    If you can document enough available funds ($2500/mo or $30,000/year - approximately), there’s a “non-lucrative” visa option for staying an entire year in Spain: http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Consulados/LOSANGELES/en/InformacionParaExtranjeros/Pages/Residence-Visa.aspx The requirements for...

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