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    Advice for the Camino Ingles for June 2019.

    You are right, @davebugg There are several hotels, pensiones, rooms, and casas rurales that don’t get talked about much, but are available (depending on budget, or course) and somewhat nearby the route. Google maps is a great resource to check out the locations. Until more accommodations are...
  2. mylifeonvacation

    Churches on The Ingles

    There’s a small chapel across the road from Bar Avelina, which is on both legs of the route. The ladies in the café-bar can get the key from the neighbor who holds it and take you over, time permitting. There’s also a large century tree that is a neat photo op.
  3. mylifeonvacation

    Prize-winning architecture in A Coruña

    It is a striking building! I have never seen it from the angle in the article, but just from the street, driving by. If you leave the Torre de Hercules going towards the right (heading for the Orzán and Riazor beaches) you'll first pass the aquarium on your right and then around the next curve...
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    Could you be a Hospitable Hermit?

    If you can document enough available funds ($2500/mo or $30,000/year - approximately), there’s a “non-lucrative” visa option for staying an entire year in Spain: http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Consulados/LOSANGELES/en/InformacionParaExtranjeros/Pages/Residence-Visa.aspx The requirements for...
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    Camino Ingles + spa/relaxing ideas for Santiago?

    I’ve personally not been to any in Santiago, but there are many options. Depending on your budget, if you want to go all out, stay at the five star Hotel Spa Relais & Châteaux (a Quinta da Agua hotel). Luxury hotels are cheaper in Galicia than in the US, so it may not actually be outrageous...
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    Tonight's Dessert

    Yes, drying the potatoes well is a good step that a lot of recipes don’t mention, but I agree it helps. Have you ever heard of the Tortilla de Betanzos? Betanzos is a charming old town on the Camino Inglés and they claim to have the best tortilla in Spain. It’s not just juicy in the middle...
  7. mylifeonvacation

    Tonight's Dessert

    What a great thread! And thank you, @davebugg for explaining the proper tortilla method. There’s an online Spanish food group that I nearly had to leave because of the things people were doing to tortillas! (“I microwaved the potatoes and didn’t use any olive oil, why doesn’t it taste like the...
  8. mylifeonvacation

    Roncesvalles photo bomb

    Are you sure it’s not the Michelin man coming over from France??
  9. mylifeonvacation

    Sept 2019 Walk Set, Any 'Do Not Miss This' suggestion?

    In Betanzos stop at the tourism office (right in the main square, in front of the taxi stand) to make sure Parque Pasatempo is open when you visit. It’s closed currently as they have been making (much needed!) repairs. Hopefully it is open when you are there because it really is a very unique...
  10. mylifeonvacation

    Spansh News in English (Podcast)

    I’ll do that and keep an eye out. Thanks!!
  11. mylifeonvacation

    Spansh News in English (Podcast)

    I can’t seem to find it on Apple podcasts. Anyone else have luck?
  12. mylifeonvacation

    Points of interest from Tui to Santiago

    For a really nice rest between Pontevedra and Caldas de Reís (closer to Caldas) the waterfall at Barosa is unique along the Camino. It’s 1km off of the Camino, but a really relaxing spot where you can dip your feet into the cool waters, if you like. Or, if you are more daring, and even slip and...
  13. mylifeonvacation

    Stay in Santiago or Ferrol ahead of first day?

    I agree with all of the above; I’d also go to Ferrol the same evening of arrival. Here’s current info on the Tourist/Pilgrim’s office in Ferrol: https://visitferrol.com/oficinas-de-turismo/?lang=en
  14. mylifeonvacation

    Camino Inglés Accomodations List

    http://caminodesantiago.consumer.es/los-caminos-de-santiago/ingles/ The Eroski site shows the A Coruña - Bruma arm as Stage 7, but only lists albergues. For the complete current list for both arms I think the CJS guide is your best bet...
  15. mylifeonvacation

    Getting from A Coruna to Ferrol?

    www.rome2rio.com is a great place to explore the different travel options. The train runs regularly between the two, but bus is more frequent. The bus line is Arriva: https://arriva.gal/servicios/horarios-en-pdf I’ve taken the bus twice and it’s a nice ride. The second time there was even WiFi...

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