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    Is it my imagination~

    I read all the blogs every day, and today, Christmas, my heart is happy. A few months ago I wrote that I had been training for my second Camino but developed severe sciatica, so had to give up my plans after trying massage, physio, injections and everything out there. So, today I want to share...
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    Hiking pole rubber tips wearing out too quickly

    Wine bottle corks worked wonderfully on my Portuguese Camino last year - I displayed them, along with my shell, on the mantle after my walk.
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    Foot and ankle strengthening exercises

    I too developed PF on my third day out of Santiago, and it was awfully difficult to complete the Portuguese, but I did. I had an ultrasound in Vigo where I got the diagnosis then hobbled around Porto and Lisbon for a week. Will take every precaution to not let this happen again as there will...
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    Getting Old.

    I hope you get to live the ‘new you’
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    Getting Old.

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    Just musing - what have I done ???!!!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful reply. When I thought that I may never do another Camino, the Ivar people, like you, make me realize that I just may be able to do it again. MK
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    Just musing - what have I done ???!!!

    Checking back, my first day was 17kms. Our host that night saw my distress and gave me a shell he had picked up on the beach - drilled a hole through it and strung a cord. You can imagine the tears it brought. I am so new to posting stuff - if I can figure how to attach a picture of this...
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    Just musing - what have I done ???!!!

    Wow - sooooo many Caminos - I'm impressed. I will definitely go back but with a different mindset MK
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    Just musing - what have I done ???!!!

    Thanks for the note!!!! MK
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    Just musing - what have I done ???!!!

    I knew after my incredible El Camino Portuguese last spring that ‘one was not enough’. I didn’t realize, though, when the first idea struck, that there was more to training than just cardio. Aqua fit and deep water running just wasn’t enough. I carried very little as we stayed in Air BnB’s...
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    Last year my husband and I walked El Camino Portuguese - he was 80 and I was 75. I thought I was in shape but developed sciatica at the beginning and then 3 days out of Santiago, was hit with plantar fasciatis, but completed the awesome journey. My husband thinks I should become more...
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    How much road walking on the Camino Frances?

    Hope Ihave done this right - I read the questions and answers but have never submitted. On the 10th day of Camino Portuguese I developed plantar fasciitis- I think it was from sidewalks and cobblestones on the last third. That hasn’t deterred me - I plan to do CF next spring. My husband and I...

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