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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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    Hospital bill from spain

    My experience was that travel insurance covered 100% of my bill from hospital in lagrona €235. I am from 🇨🇦 Canada.
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    Having a hard time

    Meggins - due to injury, my Camino was cut short after 6 days in March of this year. I hope to get to Pamplona and bus to where I ‘hit the wall’ and walk to Santiago. Will only have 3 weeks so will most likely have to bus some of the way. My hope is to go September’19. Nancy lee from Canada
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    Need to abandon walk!

    I am so sad to hear your foot pain story and your decision to go home. In March, I also hit a wall in Torres de Rio with acceles tendinitis (day 6) after hard days struggling with the elements. It was heartbreaking to see my friends move forward and to get a cab to lagrona, bus to Pamplona and...
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    Beilari Albuergue SJPDP

    On my ‘unfinished’ Camino earlier this year, I met a man at the train station in Bayonne who struck up a conversation with me. He asked me where I was staying in SJPP and I had no clue. Being the third week of March, I wasn’t worried about finding accommodation. He called Joseph and asked if...
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    Daily Distances v Risk of Injury for those who are not exactly Fit or Slim

    For me, walking the Camino has been a dream for several decades. I am a half marathon runner but a meniscus tear ended that as well as my plan to walk Camino in 2017. So 2018 was my year in March following brierley’s book for daily distances, given I still work and only had 5 weeks. Yes, I...
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    Shoe and Foot Strategies When Walking While It Is Raining and Wet

    Unfortunately I am bound to go in the spring as I work and in order to get lengthy time off and ensure coverage, I have to go end of one fiscal year and beginning of next. There are always individual variables to consider.
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    Shoe and Foot Strategies When Walking While It Is Raining and Wet

    My Camino lasted 6 days which my doctor and physiotherapist speculate was caused by my boots (vasque $250 CAN). I left SJPP on a nice sunny day on March 17 this year. Shortly after valcarlos, the weather changed dramatically to hail, then wet snow. We encountered consecutive days of cold...
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    Reservations for Orrison

    I leave Canada tomorrow and arrive in Paris Friday via Minneapolis/New York. 'Hop' flight then to Biarritz, bus to Barrone, train to SJPP. I plan to go to Pilgrim Office to book Orisson for Saturday night (hoping there may be some Irish Festivities there for St. Patty's Day) and on to...
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    Camino april 2018

    I leave Canada March 15th and hope to be walking from SJPP on the 17th. NancyLee

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