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  1. NancyLee

    My "CoronaCamino 2020"

    Thank you for sharing your journey in such a creative, cheerful expression. I am very glad you are safe at home. 🎒🏡🛌 Nancy Lee (working front lines in Canada 🇨🇦)
  2. NancyLee

    The Silent Camino "People"

    Very quiet companions NancyLee
  3. NancyLee

    The CELL PHONE Pilgrims!

    When walking Camino Francés last September, I would use my phone at cafes and auberges when free Wi-Fi was offered. This provided an opportunity to connect with my friends and family, particularly as I was traveling alone. One morning, I looked around at all of ‘us’ with noses to phones and...
  4. NancyLee

    A 'One Word' Why?

    Perseverance (went back second time after injury) Confidence booster
  5. NancyLee

    SJPDP to Orisson?

    Where you buy outdoor equipment, clothing. I bought gaters to keep my pant legs and boots dry.
  6. NancyLee

    Common Question: Days to walk SJPP to Santiago

    Bag, poles, poncho and shoes. Our motto when walking Camino frances last fall was ‘my Camino, my way’. Buen Camino Nancy from Winnipeg 🇨🇦
  7. NancyLee

    SJPDP to Orisson?

    The day I visited the outdoor store in St Jean I was served by a lady from Montreal. I believe she is the owner. Being a Canadian, that was a good start for me and yes, found prices reasonable. On day 1, I walked to Roncevalles. The day started with beautiful sun, then rain, then snow...
  8. NancyLee

    Camino Snobs

    This is definitely ‘a thing’ having just completed Camino Frances in September. A few of us adopted a saying ‘My Camino, My Way’ much like Donaldclive alluded to. Too many assumptions- did you ever hear that assume means ‘ass (out of) you and me’? I started in Logrono this time and you...
  9. NancyLee

    Stress with finding accommodation

    On my Camino Frances in September of this year, it was easy to get accommodations until Sarria - then I used booking.com every night after that to Santiago. Because I was on a timeline I didn’t have the flexibility of deviation from my Brierley daily routes. However, I tried to be ‘open to the...
  10. NancyLee

    Bed Bugs Bercianos del Real Camino at Santa Clara Albergue

    I stayed at Santa Clara mid September. She was lovely; he horrible, especially when we asked for blankets which we never got. No bedbugs then but in Eirexe at the albergue right on the main road, my friend got wicked bites needing cortisone and antibiotics! We tried to email them but...
  11. NancyLee

    Pilgrim office statistics

    On Thursday I arrived at the last mile around 1330 and the security guard at the pilgrim office directed me to return Friday. My friend and I were in line at 0745 for 0800 opening (in the pouring rain) and we were #’s 194 and 195. We had our Compostela by 1030. HOWEVER, my efforts to get out...
  12. NancyLee


    Thank you - I appreciate your response.
  13. NancyLee

    Bedbugs on CF

    Last weekend (sept 14) a gentleman from Switzerland encountered serious bed bug bites in Mansilla. He got treated in Leon. NancyLee
  14. NancyLee


    This is a true story. I knew this topic would come up during my journey. I contracted a wicked cold on my long trip here and I had been snoring the few nights I was able to sleep (obviously). While at donativo albergue in Santo Domingo, a lady sat up, reached over and popped me in the head. I...
  15. NancyLee

    Lost from Leon

    In March, 2018 I started the Camino Frances and on day 7, was forced to suspend my journey with an injury. I could not walk then, and 3 weeks’ subsequent to returning home. It was devastating. Happily I returned to Logrono on sept 1 and began where I left off the next day. I make no excuses...

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