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    St Jean to Roncesvalles in a day, or stop at Orisson?

    There is a company in SJ where you can arrange to be picked up at a certain location at a certain time they will take you back to SJ and bring you back at that spot the next day. Sorry I do not remember the name.
  2. Nelia L Keiser

    Bug bites

    I used this on my way back from the camino. Had my pack poles and chocolate. Shipped it to Ivar from Madrid with a small Tote with civilian clothes as I spent a few days in Madrid.
  3. Nelia L Keiser

    shower/evening foot wear

    Teva sandels worked for me. I also ended up walking most of the camino in them with sock liner and wool socks.
  4. Nelia L Keiser

    Need Advice - the last 100 miles

    I walked from SJdPDP last September/October and ended up taking the bus from Santiago to Finastirre to spread my parents ashes. Got there for the spectacular sun set. Stayed on the highest point and saw the sun rise the next day. I did not have enough days for the 3 day walk. It also rained...
  5. Nelia L Keiser

    my hardest Camino is now over -- now a question

    Hi I am sorry for your lost. I wanted to take my parents ashs to Finastirre after walking the FC. I found a Jewler who encased their ashes into a sphere about 1.5 inches to wear on a leather lace. I had carried my moms ashes from Canada to Tx and did not like how customs handles her ashes...
  6. Nelia L Keiser

    Indecision and questions about Camino for first time- helpful advice from pilgrims requested!

    Movinmaggie I did have the most glorious journey. People have asked if I would do it again and I say no because it was perfect. The 33 days I walked it misted for about 3 hours one early morning. The ready of the time it was clear beautiful sky. The Mesata was hot but bareabl. I am also diabetic...
  7. Nelia L Keiser

    Indecision and questions about Camino for first time- helpful advice from pilgrims requested!

    Laluna I did the FC last Sept/Oct. my pack was 20 lbs including water. I took a nylon line about 8 feet and safety pins large ones to wash and dry clothes. I tried to make sure that some of the equipment I took could do at least 2 jobs. Took big hiking boots and got a blister on my big toe...
  8. Nelia L Keiser

    Anti-Theft Travel Wallet

    I did remove them when I took off my boots.
  9. Nelia L Keiser

    Query on Weather

    I walked from St Jean to Santiago then took the bus to Finastirre the next day watch the sun set and the sun rise then returned that morning. I went to spread my parents ashes so this worked for me.
  10. Nelia L Keiser

    First lesson?

    Some places do have washers and driers for 3€ each. You could share the cost with other pilgrims. I liked the washer as it really wrung out the water better than hand and clothes dried faster once in a while I would use a drier.
  11. Nelia L Keiser

    Anti-Theft Travel Wallet

    I opened up an account just for this trip. Put the amount I wanted to use. I got the credit debit card and wanted to have an image so had another one made. I took the first card and placed it with the daily cash I would be using and hid the working one with the rest of the cash in my boots...
  12. Nelia L Keiser

    Black Toes!

    I did the French Camino last September/October, after the first week I had the black toenail. Decided to slather it in antibiotic cream, double socks and teva sandals. My feet felt great in the sandals that I just carried my boots and walked the rest of the 4 weeks in them. Had no problems.
  13. Nelia L Keiser

    accommodations Saint Jean Pied de Port

    It is about 1 km from the town. It is right on the route. The walk is a very short walk. I highly recommend this place. It was great on Monday that I just had to walk out the front gate and start this journey. The day before I got to say hi to the pilgrims that started That morning. Have a...
  14. Nelia L Keiser

    accommodations Saint Jean Pied de Port

    Loved "La coille napoleon". stayed there 2 nights in September. Lovely owners.
  15. Nelia L Keiser


    I was 56 when I walked in September/October 2016. A friend meet me in Santiago and we took the bus to Finastierre and watched the sunset and sunrise the next morning. It's very doable I did the Nepoleon Route the first day. I left Dallas on Friday got into Madrid Spain Saturday train to Pamplona...

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