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    LIVE from the Camino Starting from Valencia Oct 6

    Done this Camino 2014.. with my wife..( we walked all the way on to the <camino Invierno and santiago.. som 1250 km) We were almost alone on the Camino de Levante..( 2 more guys) Some places are better marks on the Camino de Sureste.. so we shifted... This Camino is never busy..and some of the...
  2. ngm

    Bordeaux - Dax - Irun - Santiago

    Planing to do this Camino next year, with my daughter..
  3. ngm

    VDLP - Fall or Winter??

    Made this Camino 2012 from Sevilla / 25/Augusti - 24/September.. It was too hot!!.. made it from Granada 2016.. 12/May..-26/jun.. Perfect wather..!! ..I know the path very well + C. Sanabres variant..I know the area and the weather well... and I recomended to you Oct/Nov 22.. (Jan/Feb much...
  4. ngm

    Invierno in July ‘21

    Hej Thomas.. Min fru och jag gjorde Camino de Invierno 2014 and the last part from Chantada, even 2016.. Just want you to notis that the part between Quiroga - Monforte de Lemo - Chantada - Rodeiro.. this part, (stages 4,5,6) is probably the most beautiful.. if you follow this guide..(well all...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Inglés/Mar Accommodations - COVID Updates

    great work.. tnx 🙏 👣
  6. ngm

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Inglés/Mar Accommodations - COVID Updates

    Tnx Camino brother..🙏👣
  7. ngm

    Mozarabe at Easter

    Hi will not be disappointed, either of this two.. But I would do the way from Granda..and I think we had some contact before ? ;) ( NitGu)
  8. ngm

    First Bar Syndrome

    have made my breakfast here too..2014
  9. ngm

    Toledo to Madrid

    Hi ... this is not a bad Idea, even though, the way to Avila is ( hilly ) beautiful..and from Avíla even more beautiful. Me and my wife, made the Camino de Levante /Sureste from Avíla ( means we walked to Benavente not Zamora) and than to Astorga and .. on to Ponferrada, an' from Ponferrada on...
  10. ngm

    Walking the Mozarabe from 18th Feb

    We have started our 4th long Camino, ( look at the list at my Camino CV ;)) from Granada at May/2016... We were very few on the whole way to Merida...[from Merida we continued to Santiago , after moving on to the Camino Sanabres.. ] The Camino Mozárabe is very wel marked. It has nice/good enough...
  11. ngm

    Nationalities on the Camino

    Helo..We have made 4 long Camino One of few jew-israelies on the Camino. When asked where you from ..we answer allways Israel -and Sweden...(my wife, she's a swede..and I'm only living there ..) ;)
  12. ngm

    Comment by 'ngm' in media 'Finisterre'

    Have almost the same foto from the same angle.. 2010. Beautiful.. :)
  13. ngm

    Comment by 'ngm' in media 'On the way to Cordoba - Camino Mozarabe.'

    Grate pic. I have a similar one from same angel.. (y) DSC_1595.jpg
  14. ngm

    Bordeaux to Santiago via Camino del Norte

    Tnx.. I'll look at this clously.... Some of this pages we gott seems like leiding to SJJDP, while we are intrested in the path that to Biarritz and from there to Irun and on the Camin o del Norte
  15. ngm

    Bordeaux to Santiago via Camino del Norte

    If anyone is reading this post, I hope I can get some help. Me and my wife are planning for our 5th long Camino walk, this time we planned to start in Bordeaux and first walk to Biarritz, then continue walking along the Camino del Norte and finish in Santiago. In Sweden where we live, it is hard...
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