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  1. NomadBoomer

    Camino del Norte

    We were planning to start walking from Bilbao in June. Not looking possible now. I posted about getting a credential there as we were flying in the evening and starting the walk the next day. General advice was best to get before you arrive. Saves worrying. I got some from this site...
  2. NomadBoomer

    Is swimwear necessary?

    I'm hoping to walk the norte starting early June, virus permitting. Just wondering if the sea will be warm enough to swim, not sure if I will bring some swimmers or not Soft aussie here.
  3. NomadBoomer

    Camino del Norte accommodation

    Buen Camino Heikki! I hope you have a fantastic last day walk. I am one of the sad camino addicts who find the last day hard as the walk is over. Virus permitting will be finishing the norte in July.
  4. NomadBoomer

    Recommended men's trousers please

    Hi Folks, Thanks for posting all of the suggestions. I have a bit of research to do checking out all of the recommendations. Shipping costs from some suppliers can be prohibitive to Australia and I am reluctant to buy trousers without trying them on. I think my perfect combo of light, warm...
  5. NomadBoomer

    Recommended men's trousers please

    I've walked 2 CF, and half a Vdlp, hoping to do norte starting June 2020, virus permitting. By now I think I am happy with everything I bring on the way, except my pants. Living in Australia I am one of those who tend to walk in shorts regardless of the weather and have a couple of Columbia...
  6. NomadBoomer

    places to stay on the Camino Primitivo

    Thanks for the list. Handy if we can't get in an alburge. Useful to know to avoid that pulperia on a Sunday ;)
  7. NomadBoomer

    places to stay on the Camino Primitivo

    I'm going to be starting the Norte / primitivo for the first time this June so just general comment. However after 2 CF and a Vdlp the only alburge I can remember that doesn't accept pilgrims freighting bags is the English one in Rabanel. Some alburges aren't open early to accept bags so have...
  8. NomadBoomer

    Starting Camino Primitivo tomorrow (Feb 25)

    Buen camino Jude. It's very hard for people to give you walking times as there is a huge variation in how long people take to walk the same distance.
  9. NomadBoomer

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    I had a very small pair of scissors taken off me in Australia recently. I knew they were a safe size but I got told only allowed if the blades have curved ends not pointed ends! I have carried them on board lots of times before so you can never tell how strict security is going to be.
  10. NomadBoomer

    Shirts and underwear

    They do have anti-microbial and anti-odour properties. I wash my gear every day if I can, but in wet weather I have worn them 2 or maybe 3 days without getting smelly. They may not be quite as good as good merino but at quarter the price worth considering. I may have been unlucky but I don't...
  11. NomadBoomer

    April Camino

    I start early June. Based on previous caminos I'd say an umbrella unlikely to be worth the weight. But I have been lucky not many days of rain and no wind. You can always toss it on the way
  12. NomadBoomer


    I love Dave whitsons podcasts. I was very disappointed when he took a pause publishing them. I would listen on my training walks. I must check out if there is an ebook version of his guidebook. We are walking the Norte starting June. All the variants look confusing.
  13. NomadBoomer

    has anyone used the sleeping bags they sell at shops on the Camino for 50 or 60 Euros?

    Yes I did. I actually bought a good light summer weight down sleeping bag for my first camino but left it at home after reading on here I wouldn't need it. Well after a few cold nights sleeping in my clothes I bought a cheap sleeping bag as you describe. It worked fine, just not quite as...
  14. NomadBoomer

    Backpack Type!

    As usual on here I suggest that the overall advice is wise, which I read as you could get away with that bag but.. It's going to get uncomfortable on your shoulders, if budget is an issue as you don't think you will walk again then buy a cheap but more suitable backpack in Europe. If you can...
  15. NomadBoomer

    Shirts and underwear

    Hmm wondering what a small pocket on a guys underpants was designed to hold ;):eek: