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  1. NoorvanderVeen

    Walking the Camino Frances a second time... good or bad idea?

    I cannot tell you what to do, only share my experiences with you. I wanted to walk the Frances a second time this year. We started in Lourdes this time. When we reached Puente de la Reina I almost immediately felt bad. It was not at all a feeling of 'coming home' as I had imagined. I...
  2. NoorvanderVeen

    Lourdes to Somport

    Wow, Caminka, thank you so much for the tip about the Voie d´Ossau, it has been amazing - I can recommend it to everyone. Everyone not suffering from vertigo that is: at some point between Laruns and Eaux Chaudes the path gets really narrow and high above the main road and the Gave. It took us a...
  3. NoorvanderVeen

    Hat or No Hat? That is the question!

    I brought a (very) broad-rimmed hat but switched to a cap because the brim touched the upper part of my backpack and so kept falling of my head. It was annoying. A cap with some protection for the neck would be an option for me.
  4. NoorvanderVeen

    wifi along the Camino?

    I think there is a fine balance between communication in 1913 and communication in 2013. Back then, people might have wished for a more easy acces to quick communication; right now for some people it will be good to take a step back and enjoy the liberty of being unconnected (or: less...
  5. NoorvanderVeen

    Lourdes to Somport

    Caminka - I'm sorry for the late response on your last post. I think I'd want to stay in Somport (enjoy the mountains a little longer), but we might want to walk on. Thank you for the tips, I'll keep them in mind! Just one more week till our train to Lourdes is leaving. I'm so excited to go. I...
  6. NoorvanderVeen

    Solo (female) walker alert

    Thank you for sharing this. I think it is always good to have a healthy dose of suspiciousness. It can be hard to distinguish sincere kindness from false kindness, but better safe than sorry.
  7. NoorvanderVeen

    How to post question/comment on the forum

    Hi Frank. You need to log in, go to the relevant section of the forum you want to post your question in, and then click a blue box halfway of the screen to the right that says 'New Thread'. The upper box on the new screen allows you to type your subject, the lower box is for the question itself...
  8. NoorvanderVeen

    Burgos to Leon .. Only 5 days (what parts would you take a bus?)

    I'd do the same as Margaret. It took me 5 days to walk to Bercianos del Real Camino. After that, it is two days of next-to-the-road walking into Leon. Charming in its own way, but not the most beautiful walk imho. Buen camino!
  9. NoorvanderVeen

    Closed in Oct.?

    I'm sorry, must've been sleeping when I commented. Bon chemin!
  10. NoorvanderVeen

    Vegetarian albergues/restaurants on the Camino Frances

    I found this website:, which lists vegetarian restaurants in all of Spain. I found rest./bar Los Delirios del Quijote ( on there which I am hereby adding...
  11. NoorvanderVeen

    Vegetarian albergues/restaurants on the Camino Frances

    Maurice - Thank you for making the list. My new guidebook tells me this about Agés: "Albergue San Rafael, private, 10 beds, wifi, etc. Open all year, offers vegetarian and Celiac (gluten free) meals." The map shows that when entering the town, the albergue is immediately on your left hand side...
  12. NoorvanderVeen

    Closed in Oct.?

    For information on individual albergues, you will need to use an up to date guidebook or online information sources like the Spanish Eroski website ( They also have an app. From what I read in my guidebook, I think not a lot of albergues are closed in...
  13. NoorvanderVeen

    What is a Compostela? What is it not?

    This is exactly what happened to us. I was being persuaded by the woman behind the desk to fill in spiritual, because 'I couldn't have just walked all this way without thinking about anything else than walking'. My boyfriend (who was helped by someone else) got the same reply when he wanted to...
  14. NoorvanderVeen

    How many pairs of trousers?

    I took one pair of convertible pants and a dress, and coming sept/oct will add thermo leggings to that. I'll wear the dress and leggings when the pants are drying.

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