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  1. oldskills

    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    I thought the merino shirts sounded like a good idea for warm and cold weather, but I was not keen on the styles and colours available. I found a couple of suppliers online of merino knit fabric and made a few short sleeve shirts for myself. I also bought a couple of moisture wicking, quick dry...
  2. oldskills

    Sweet Treats

    Thank you all, my fears have been abated. By the sound of things I will not be able to walk the way without literally tripping over sweet delights. I am a big fan of good chocolate and sweet pastries are another favorite. BUT, what about those spare kilos I was hoping to shed, oh well, at least...
  3. oldskills

    Sweet Treats

    Well I fly out of Melbourne Australia on the 2nd of September to start walking my 1st Camino on the 5th, can't wait to get there. Anyway I have a serious sweet tooth and was wondering if there are particularly delicious things I should try along the way. I see people talking about octopus...
  4. oldskills

    Silk liner or sleeping bag, sun hat or umbrella?

    Here is a newbies 2 cents worth. I am leaving for my 1st Camino, the Frances in 2 weeks :eek: and have decided to take a broad brimmed hat and an umbrella, I have rigged some ties to fit it to my pack straps so it will be hands free. I do not do well in the sun even with good sunnies and a hat...
  5. oldskills

    Scared of freezing to death on Camino in Fall!

    Hmmm, just stumbled across this older thread. I will be walking the CF at the same time and was worried about being cold and wet towards the end. After keeping an eye on the weather over there recently I am thinking I might ditch the rain skirt and long sleeve merino for bathers and an umberella.
  6. oldskills

    Reflections and Lessons learnt

    Thank you for taking the time to write this, I enjoyed reading your experience of the Camino very much. We start ours early September and I can't wait.
  7. oldskills

    For introverts and all who meet them

    I am an introvert and found these quotes to be accurate for me. An introvert is someone who is nourished by solitude and topped up with time alone. An extrovert is someone nourished by contact with people, whose energy is restored by company. Introverts are not shy or socially awkward, social...
  8. oldskills

    Clothing of an intimate nature.

    The shoulder strap slippage is the issue I was trying to get rid of, it is annoying anyway never mind while wearing a pack. I also like a certain amount of support so the lightweight, rather flimsy looking "travel" bras are not for me. I will keep looking as I still have a couple of months...
  9. oldskills

    Clothing of an intimate nature.

    Being a woman I have been looking into sports bras to walk in. I have always worn the "regular" style, straps over the shoulder and fastened at the back. Over the last few months I have bought a few sports bras with varying degrees of support and tried them out. Getting them on and off is a bit...
  10. oldskills

    LIVE from the Camino No boundaries for lack of respect

    Thanks for this, I'm going to copy it onto the first page of my Camino diary to help me when I revert back to my natural state of "crabby, older woman", I'm sure I will need it once or twice along the way.
  11. oldskills

    Albergue Orisson

    I had the same fast reply in english from Orisson and have booked 2 beds on the 5th of September. My young, fit son wanted to do the first stage in one day but I baulked at putting my older legs to that test.
  12. oldskills

    Good Sleeping Quality Brainstorm

    Oh wow! It worked. :)
  13. oldskills

    Good Sleeping Quality Brainstorm

    I hope I have done the quote thing correctly. I need to make copies of this and give to anyone who shares an albergue with me as according to my nearest and dearest I go for gold in the snoring department. :(
  14. oldskills

    After hike shoes/sandals?

    I am taking Teva sandals to give my feet a break from my walking shoes whenever they need it. I was going to take a pair of thongs (don't snigger, that's what we call flip flops in Aus) to shower in but I am thinnking of leaving the thongs home, I'd rather risk catching tinea than slipping on...
  15. oldskills

    A growing concern.

    So glad to find out I'm not losing my mind after all. My Camino starts on Sept 5th THIS YEAR! It was just over 2 years ago that the decision was made to go, ever since I have been researching gear, reading anything I could get my hands on then as a consequence of all the research and reading...

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