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    Mozarabe from Granada

    Great route..February though?..better rug up! I've done this route several years ago and liked the solitude and Cordoba is a must for a few days. I used a slim French book.
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    France is not the sahara. I've walked in summer several times...in july i was lucky as 2 weeks before there was torrential rain and cold spells...what do you prefer cold and wet or warm and sunny?
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    Camino Frances? Via de La Palta?

    I went from Le Puy to Santiago about 10 years ago and was horrified at the mad rush from SJPD onwards. I walked on and off with a French girl from Le Puy. She emailed when she got home that she was in tears with the mad rush,inconsiderate bag rustlers, loud talking etc of 'pilgrims' on the...
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    Photo video from Camino de Levante

    Thinking of The Levante coupled with from Granada and VDLP this (OZ) winter. Great video
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    The Devil's Footwear

    Yes,also known as thongs, flip flops or for our NZ cousins..jandals (a combination of sandals and..er something else). A salutary warning. My friend decided to walk the camino last year and against my advise took a pair of these abominations. 200 kms before SDC he was wearing them and slipped...
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    Via Francigena Affordability?

    The accommodation in France was quite expensive due to less pilgrim friendly places but I do like my own room so did opt for hotels/hostals. I would add that the section through France is often skipped but it was sobering to walk through the WW1 battlefields. Some of the cemeteries were in quite...
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    Needed rest area, accommodation etc

    It's a bit of a juggling act..finding somewhere that is needed coupled with enough patronage to make it worth while. The Arch of Capara..comes to mind as its on a long 40km day and is also bit of a tourist spot
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    Urban Myths

    Prisicillian?....I thought he was Queen Of The Desert
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    Needed rest area, accommodation etc

    As Others have mentioned the CF is well provided and I suspect you might be stepping on some locals who need cafes or refreshment stops for their livlihood. There would be many other routes where something would be appreciated..the VDLP,Levante,Lana,Catalan etc etc
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    Via de la Plata 2019.

    I've done a few VDLP either the whole route or bits. I have walked in months ranging from may to august and never found the heat too oppressive. I generally started around 8 or 9am depending on the distance. A word of caution about starting in September; one year I started in late august and...
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    What to bring in the daypack?

    I agree..for 5 days you need minimal packing. Having luggage transported will encourage you to pack things you probably wont need
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    March or April - Seville to Mérida

    My first camino was the vdlp in 2006 and i left sevilla mid may. The weather was good with only one rainy afternoon in galicia. Since then ive walked in every month from may to october and was never troubled by the heat but there again i prefer to crowds and i hate the cold so pick times when...
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    Walking the de la plata

    No it was lubian...as i was walking out of the albergue saw one of the little buggers near the light switch
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    Walking the de la plata

    One year i started in seville in mid august..hot but that's fine with me but into galicia it was freezing. .the swedes i walked with bought gloves iin mombuey. I was wearing a t shirt, shirt,scarf,fleece and rain jacket. I don't stay in albergues anymore..except in mombuey..bed bugs and...
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    And I am IN Valencia!

    The Levante is one of my favourite routes. Decided to do it again last year..went from Alicante toZamora then train to Valencia to do it again..then onto Logrono back down to Barcelona. I like walking in summer but didn't find it a problem. Saw 4 other walkers but I didn't stay in albergues...

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