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Recent content by Orafo

  1. Orafo

    My stages on the Camino Primitivo

    I did not find crossing the dam to be unusually scary, and I'm not fond of heights. I crossed it on October 1, 2014. I highly recommend the Camino Primitivo, as well as the Camino del Salvador. A big shout-out to Laurie (Peregrina2000) for her very helpful advice on both routes. I keep...
  2. Orafo

    WiFi on the Salvador and Primitivo?

    I am leaving on September 20 for the Ruta del Salvador and the Camino Primitivo. Can anyone with recent experience on either of these routes tell me how often one finds wi-fi? Do some albergues provide it, or must on rely on cafes, etc.? Thanks!
  3. Orafo

    Combined Guide Info for Camino Primitivo

    Liz, this looks great! What a wonderful contribution. I would love to have a Word version if you care to send on. Should I send you my e-mail address, or can you post it in that format? I am leaving on September 20 to walk the Salvador and Primitivo combination, thence on to Santiago and...
  4. Orafo

    My stages on the Camino Primitivo

    Thanks. I did the Francés in Sept.-Oct. 2013 and loved it, too. I hope you enjoy the Primitivo; I'm really looking forward to returning. Frank
  5. Orafo

    My stages on the Camino Primitivo

    When in September? I'm doing the Camino del Salvador with some friends, then the Primitivo. Expecting to leave from León around Sept. 22.
  6. Orafo

    Flying with Ryanair

    Thanks, canis_major. For some reason the FAQ and "Contact Us" links were not operating when I was trying, although I had seen them a day or so earlier. But the good news (for me, at least), is that eventually, just as I was about to give up, the site magically accepted my reservation, and so...
  7. Orafo

    New Balance Shoes on Sale Today!!! 50-75% off!

    What does it cost to join The Clymb, Annie? The website doesn't say unless you enter all your information.
  8. Orafo

    SIM cards for sale in Barajas airport?

    Thanks for that input. I intend to go again from Santiago to Finisterre/Muxía, so that could be important.
  9. Orafo

    SIM cards for sale in Barajas airport?

    Great. No streaming for me while on the Camino. I will need some talk time, though, for the occasional call to an albergue, hostal, etc. Any substantial difference in coverage between Orange and Vodaphone? I will be on the Camino del Salvador and Camino Primitivo, thus mostly in Asturias and...
  10. Orafo

    SIM cards for sale in Barajas airport?

    Thanks, Bajaracer -- that's very helpful. From the Spanish-language version of Crystal Media's website, it appears they have shops in Terminals 1, 2 and 4, and that they sell both Orange and Vodaphone prepaid SIM cards. Does anyone have a preference for one over the other? Last year I had a...
  11. Orafo

    SIM cards for sale in Barajas airport?

    I would like to get a SIM card to insert in my iPhone when I land in Madrid, before boarding a bus. Does anyone know whether there are kiosks or other places to buy them in the terminals, and what companies sell them there? Thanks.
  12. Orafo

    Flying with Ryanair

    Does anyone know how to contact Ryanair? I am trying to book a flight online from Santiago to Madrid (which I managed to do successfully last year when I first walked the Camino), and it keeps telling me that my contact info is missing or incorrect. Then it throws me back to the beginning to...
  13. Orafo

    Pilgrims Statistics for 2013 - growth doubles!

    John, Just a word of thanks for this service that you perform. I am about to give a presentation on the Camino tomorrow to a rather large group of people, and I needed some statistics on the numbers of pilgrims, countries of origin, routes followed, etc. And voilà! A simple search on the...
  14. Orafo

    Traveling to Europe With Only a Backpack

    You don't necessarily need a separate bag for your backpack. I took mine as a carry-on (with poles dismantled inside) from the US to Madrid on Delta in late September 2013 and had no problem. Coming back in early November I checked the pack. To secure the straps I fastened the waist belt...
  15. Orafo

    Sources of footwear

    Oops! Didn't mean to post a blank reply. Just wanted to say that I, too, noticed a lot of swelling of my feet in the first week or so, which I am sure contributed to the blisters. After that, they returned to a more normal size, and I was not troubled by new blisters. Feet are clearly the...