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  1. ortemio

    How do you train for the Camino?

    Hi C, Living in flat Florida is tough to train for the variable terrain in Spain. So my training adaptation is to train every day about 10km with the following additions ... 1) This one helps so there are no surprises when you add the backpack that first day at the starting point : Henkelion...
  2. ortemio

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    My best memory of Via de la Plata was ( honestly ) the day it was over, the worst albergues of any camino,crowded and dirty, disgusting showers, the heat, it was never under 40C, even at night , I was very happy when it was over.... yikes
  3. ortemio

    Gaiters or waterproof socks

    I am so happy for that reply as I have been searching for just that. Can you enlighten me as of brand and or website so that I and others can look at them? Do you mean 5 kilo gaiters, military grade?
  4. ortemio

    Gaiters or waterproof socks

    Gaiters keep things out of the shoes but are not waterproof, waterproof socks keep water away from your skin, but! that said waterproof socks will make your feet sweat. In my recent camino del Norte I had days and days of rain, wet trails, hail like cold hell and my shoes looked like sponges...
  5. ortemio

    What (if anything) I did wrong?

    I just got back from the camino after 48 days roaming around while using Google-Fi. Seamless from the US to Spain. Not one glitch during all those days. Sent and received text , pictures , email, internet all the shibang! I did not find a single dead spot during the walks and I was using it to...
  6. ortemio

    LIVE from the Camino Snow/Rain info source

    Great app, I use it every day. The last couple of weeks it has been very useful. The rain in Galicia has been unreal and every predicted moment of no rain a blessing!
  7. ortemio

    Elevation Tracking

    Click on the black diamond with the right turning arrow, 1st choice
  8. ortemio

    Elevation Tracking

    Just look around for "caminos de Santiago" and it will lead you to a menu w all the caminos it will also read gpx or kml tracks
  9. ortemio

    Elevation Tracking

    IGN Mapas de España is also awesome and it is free, it has tracks for ALL the caminos, maybe it has way too much info for the app addicted pilgrim...
  10. ortemio

    Elevation Tracking

    I have been using Gaia app. Tracks all you want plus stats at the end of the day, + tracks and live maps, it even makes tea after a long day
  11. ortemio

    Silk liners...

    Rectangular / double is better, it is tough getting in and out and they rip easily. The wide one can be used as a bed sheet and pillow cover, very handy.
  12. ortemio

    Lightweight long USB-C cable recommendations?

    Longer cables = higher resistance and slower charging, the shorter cables help charge faster and weight less...
  13. ortemio

    Lost from Leon

    Walking on a sharp edge here, but needs to be said. Everyone is trying to be so nice but, Please look this link up and wake up, the camino is not all expressos and lentils ...
  14. ortemio

    Buying a Hamlet in Galicia

    I saved this the other day for future reference, maybe it can help answer some of the questions ... https://www.wanderingearl.com/non-lucrative-visa-spain-apply-one-week/?fbclid=IwAR1AJTvS3TqBs8D68jYb4egd--QT81GOW1JYRc17cYJmVS4y7TRLcCo51QM&sfns=mo
  15. ortemio

    Staying Hydrated During the Heat Wave

    I used this one in my last walk and it was great. Light, foldable and the strap is a sweat strap. ;-) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002DP16GM/?tag=casaivar02-20