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OzAnnie's latest activity

  • OzAnnie
    OzAnnie reacted to Saint Mike II's post in the thread NEW update on Dave Bugg with Like Like.
    Thanks for the update on Dave. Sincere best wishes for Christmas and an even better 2021. Cheers
  • OzAnnie
    OzAnnie reacted to Albertagirl's post in the thread NEW update on Dave Bugg with Like Like.
    I have been praying for Dave and am deeply relieved at the content of his email. He is one of us.
  • OzAnnie
    OzAnnie reacted to Camino Chrissy's post in the thread NEW update on Dave Bugg with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
    I have just received a new email update from Dave Bugg, and because of the many heartwarming replies and concern he received from forum members, so with permission I am sharing a portion of his relatively good news with all of you. Dave has spent...
  • OzAnnie
    I didn't walk anywhere yesterday - just admired the snow from my "office" window. We get little enough snow, that it is always a novelty. It rarely lasts more than a couple of days, and will be gone before Christmas day. The day before, we had a...
  • OzAnnie
    OzAnnie reacted to Albertagirl's post in the thread I probably won’t do this again with Like Like.
    I do not consider lack of sleep trivial and I have generally not been able to budget for a private room. But I can manage with very little sleep for a night or two, if I must. Generally, what makes it possible for me to sleep on camino is a...
  • OzAnnie
    OzAnnie reacted to Zordmot's post in the thread I probably won’t do this again with Love Love.
    I was reading through these recent posts here when I suddenly realized that I wrote the original post. A bit of background. I had retired early in 2019 with the plan of walking Camino Francés—the fulfillment of a dream—in April-May. But during my...
  • OzAnnie
    Look at that! Can you believe it's Santiago de Compostela? The new bus station will be merged with the train station! Actually it will be on the other side of the train station. Quite a walk from the Cathedral... 1700 m (20-25 min)
  • OzAnnie
    OzAnnie reacted to ivar's post in the thread Airport Bus Service Cancelled with Like Like.
    This route will continue with Monbus. It might not operate for the next few days since this change seem to have happened very fast and they had no plan b ready... My guess that over the next few days/weeks, we will know the new hours that Monbus...
  • OzAnnie
    OzAnnie reacted to BombayBill's post in the thread An Atheist Embraces the Camino with Like Like.
    I think some people may avoid the Camino as they feel it is a religious or spiritual journey that they can't participate in. I am a lifelong atheist and this is what I learned. Those long days walking forced me to reflect on things in my life...
  • OzAnnie
    Robert, from Germany, was in our albergue days ago (3 dec.). I just received this email, and I like to share it with other pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. His sympathy, his strength and his intelligence have given life to our hostel, and...