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  1. padre eric

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I feel your pain! In 2015 I developed PF in both feet...suddenly, out of nowhere, while training for a half marathon - and prepping for my first Camino scheduled to begin in May of 2016. For me, many months of trying to control it (let alone cure it), resulted in failure. One month before my...
  2. padre eric

    Observations from a small village local

    It seems to be especially prevalent with people away from home. I live in a small town along the ocean in North Carolina. We are seeing many visitors/tourists completely ignoring the state and local protocols regarding distancing and masking. Like the virus doesnt exist when on vacation...
  3. padre eric

    Yummy Recipes for Self-Isolation

    I had the best Lentil Soup of my life in Lorca. Does anyone have a great Spanish Lentil Soup recipe??
  4. padre eric

    Virtual Camino A Virtual Camino

    @pelerine what a fantastic way for the entire family to do the Camino! You are blessed with health and family, I hope each day’s journey has been and will be a wonderful time with your loved ones. Happy Birthday, and as Winnie the Pooh always said, “Many happy returns of the day!”
  5. padre eric

    Virtual Camino A Virtual Camino

    In North Carolina we are ordered to stay home from work and not to be in public places unless for medicine or food. We are encouraged, however, to get outside (practicing safe physical distancing) and exercise. I have decided to make the most of this liberty and have broken the Camino Frances...
  6. padre eric

    My Wife Insists We Start From SJPDP!

    Just completed my second Camino, and both times we started from Roncesvalles. I know the majority of people I saw on the way were wearing low-quarter shoes either cross trainers or runners. Honestly, I dont know how they do it. I wear mid length Keens and more times than I can remember the...
  7. padre eric

    Read Before You Walk!

    I struggle with this problem...while on Camino, and back at home. As a walker the majority of time that I am passed by a cyclist the problem takes place with the speed of the approach and pass. Not at all sure of what the solution is. At the same time, as a walker, I have had challenges...
  8. padre eric

    Z-Packs Question

    Havnen said it well. I walked the Camino in 2016 with my wife and daughter. We all used the Zpack. My pack is now making its second Camino on the back of a good friend. He needed to carry a CPAP...his Osprey was roughly two pounds heavier, he ditched it in favor of taking my Zpack...weight...
  9. padre eric

    Not getting it

    Mary, I apologize because I don't have time to read the many responses your have already received. There is a theory that the Camino Frances can be divided into three legs...and I found this to be true for me. The first third is physically demanding, the middle third (Maseta) is mentally...
  10. padre eric

    Clothesline and pins

    I carried a length of parachute cord with me. Can be used to hang cloths, repair backpack, and replace a shoelace. It weighs next to nothing...good to have stashed away.
  11. padre eric

    I think I’m ready, but I have a couple of questions...

    I found two pair of socks, frequent rest stops for beverage and airing out the shoes and feet, and applying a small piece of duck tape to any hotspot worked perfect. Avoided blisters the entire way (do make sure your shoes are properly sized though). Buen Camino!
  12. padre eric

    Starting a Camino with mild plantar fasciitis - crazy or not?

    Bay Hills, I developed PF late in 2015 - 10 months prior to my camino - it took my months to seek help. It started in one foot, then both feet. I had been training for a half marathon and running up to 10 miles every other day (and getting my 5-6 mile walks in each day). Here’s what I...
  13. padre eric

    Camino Frances Accommodation - Hope this if of use

    Hi Joanne, yes please do forward your info! abbamills@gmail.com Thank you!
  14. padre eric

    Bridges and heights

    Many thanks to everyone who has kindly provided input from their experiences! Sounds like there will be a couple of real challenges.
  15. padre eric

    Bridges and heights

    Hi All, We are planning to walk the Camino via the Frances route. One member of our small groups has a terrible fear of bridges or steep drop offs. Does anyone have information regarding what we will be encountering? Descriptions and pictures would be great. I do apologize if there was...



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