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Recent content by Patch

  1. Patch

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    One of the great benefits when walking in Spain is the many splendid cafes with their very tasty tapas - i snack the whole day when i am walking tbh. But is a few Euros is more then your budget can stand then a large bowl of muesli and some dried milk is more then sufficient to see you through...
  2. Patch

    Generic long distance walking question

    Hi, I am 65 and have done many long distance walks over the last 30 years. Its fair to say that my feet always start hurting after 10 miles regardless of my pack weight, ground conditions, boot types, socks and temperatures. After 15 miles they are pretty sore and that's when i usually give it...
  3. Patch

    Walking after a broken ankle

    I broke mine in my early 40's and walked the Pyrenees a few months after the plaster came of with the aid of a walking stick, foolish maybe but certainly painful. None the less 25 years later I have no problem walking with heavy loads over rough terrain without a stick. Maybe just lucky but...
  4. Patch

    Showering and changing/washing often?

    On my spring Camino I always take the opportunity to take my annual bath/shower regardless of whether I need it or not!
  5. Patch

    Can I visit Morocco and return to Spain

    just spent a week in Seville and area and its stunning, although its get's pretty hot in the summer. Enjoy
  6. Patch

    Backpack in airline holds

    Hi, yes it is a problem and they do get damaged frequently. Thier are two possible solutions. One is to tighten all straps and tape down any trailing ones. The other is to use a secondary bag - i tend to use a survival sack (orange heavy duty plastic bag) and tape it shut.
  7. Patch

    Travel from Leon to UK

    Afternoon, You can catch a bus directly to and from the airport, although they are less frequent then the bus station in the centre, at Madrid. I have done it a couple of times and never found the need to book. Their are plenty of planes to and from the UK at very reasonable prices...
  8. Patch

    Money card woes

    Why not get in touch with the USA embassy and ask for assistance? I know the UK will advance cash etc and sort out this sort of problem, they dont like it but......
  9. Patch

    ATM's on Camino

    Some of the Albergues only charge 5 Euros.....nobody is surely going to pay for that with a card are they? I travel bymyself mainly and typically carry 100 to 200 be honest thats no more then I would carry here in the UK. Cash machines are everywhere and provided they have a host of...
  10. Patch


    I used to wear all those fancy hiking socks. But now just wear bog standard cotton ones when doing the camino. They cost next to nothing, no problems washing or drying them. If they are still damp in the morning then they soon dry out after a few km of walking. Never have foot or blister...
  11. Patch

    Canfranc may rise again

    Wow, that looks really run down now. Stopped there for a couple of days 15/20 years ago when i walked the GR10. We could just go into the old station and look around, it was all in pretty good nick then. But what i do remember more was they were driving a flock of sheep through the town up into...
  12. Patch

    Why were we not informed??

    I went to the one in Leon last year and had a good room, a really good breakfast and it was a beautiful building to boot. This year I went to the one in Tui this year (Portuguese/Spanish border) and I thought the room was so so, the building uninspiring and the breakfast not so great - in my...
  13. Patch

    Why were we not informed??

    I used them for a couple of nights this year but......the senior rate was better then the pilgrim rate :-)
  14. Patch

    Snoring in albergue!

    I think you have two choices: 1. Buy some earplugs 2. Buy a private room in a hostal/hotel Living in close proximity with lots of people you do not know does call for some patience and understanding. All part of the pilgrims lot :-)
  15. Patch

    Is Dousing My Silk Bag with Pemetherin (for bed bugs) a Bad Idea?

    Think you mean a poll - struggled with this for quite a few minutes :-)