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  1. PaulB Hayward

    Bivvy bag or not?

    Hello, I've used a bivvy bag on all my Camino's; it gives one peace of mind; there's always somewhere I can tuck myself away, and albergues become a luxury you can enjoy whenever you come accross one, that simply falls into place for you. Remember; show respect, and leave no's...
  2. PaulB Hayward

    Don't forget Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad and Contactless Credit/Debit Card..

    I like this ...............I think this way too; and, it's always nice come accross another 'mature' walker, that shares my values...
  3. PaulB Hayward

    Tent camping the whole Camino

    My Daughter and I camped on both of our Camino's, and loved the freedom it gave. We sometimes envied those carrying little, or no weight; but, we so enjoyed not being drawn into that rushing wave of people, persuing a bed for the night. It's good to do both, camping, and staying in the odd...
  4. PaulB Hayward

    Walking after knee surgery?

    Hello, I too, walked part of the Camino; from SJPD, to Sansol in 2014; and yes, it was a wonderfull expeirience, with a plan to return a couple of years later to do another third, or maybe even finish. In the mean time, an accident led to the development of arthritis of the knee, and lower...
  5. PaulB Hayward

    I am not a "Camino pilgrim"

    You have, with your few paragraphs, put into order, my mixed emotions, of why I find myself, needing to do 'special' things in Life; the Camino, my solitary hiking trips to the Hebrides, the list goes on. I feel like someone just switched on a light ! I'm sure I will learn, and maybe, change...
  6. PaulB Hayward

    Comment by 'PaulB Hayward' in media 'Somewhere on the Camino'

    You rode the Camino by Bike !?? How was it........I have walked the first half........I have since had an accident, and cannot; I think, walk the rest; I would like to cycle it; but, must carry my camping kit. Would you recommend....or not? Thank You. Paul.
  7. PaulB Hayward

    It is my friend's dream to walk the Camino, but she has very bad arthritis...

    I find myself, reading this thread, because, I, following an accident, now find myself, with arthritis of my right knee, and some back problems too. I have only completed the first half of the Camino, and long to return to complete the journey. I so want to hear from anyone, who has found...
  8. PaulB Hayward

    Storing a car and excess gear

    I have twice left my Jeep in SJdP on a campsite; the owners look after vehicles whilst you are away....and cheap too. Then, its the bus back from wherever I get to> On my second visit, I bused to where I left off last time, so I picked up the Camino from where I last walked to; it worked well...
  9. PaulB Hayward

    Should of said.........17 of June 2014. !

    Should of said.........17 of June 2014. !
  10. PaulB Hayward

    I shall be picking up the trail, where I last left off at Estrella on the

    I shall be picking up the trail, where I last left off at Estrella on the looking forward to my next leg of the Camino.
  11. PaulB Hayward

    Guide books - and the sour taste they leave

    Had I let it, the Brierley(is that spelt right ?) would of ruined my Camino. It is such a shame that so many books are creating 'stages'; there are so many places worth staying in between, that one can find not only welcoming, but peaceful. I did a few 'stages', it just wasn't for me, and I did...
  12. PaulB Hayward

    Thanks for your 'like'. Seems we may well pass along the way. Emm, my daughter, start the...

    Thanks for your 'like'. Seems we may well pass along the way. Emm, my daughter, start the Camino again, 28 May 2014. Have a good one. Paul.
  13. PaulB Hayward

    Just starting to get excited about my next Camino. Date set for 28th of May 2014 !

    Just starting to get excited about my next Camino. Date set for 28th of May 2014 !
  14. PaulB Hayward

    Camino Angel needed: fly a pup to Sweden!

    My Heart goes out to this Pup and whoever it is that is rescuing. I have not the resources to help; but as an ex heavy good driver who knows Spain and Sweden, and everything in between very well..............I would love to give my time to help.
  15. PaulB Hayward

    Camping, sort of

    Hello, I have happily camped on the Camino; and yes, some Albergues do allow camping on their simply pay the same as though you were using a bunk, that way, the facilities are yours to enjoy. Some of my more enjoyable Albergue visits have been camped ones......just mix with...
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