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    English speaking walkers on the Le Puy route

    I walked from Le Puy to Espalion last year, May 2013, met up with Australians, a couple of Americans and a Canadian but no Brits. We re-met the Australians this year and did L'Aire sur Adour to SJPP and once again a sprinkling of Anglos. But why not take this opportunity to plunge in and learn...
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    List of Albergues, Le Puy to St. Jean PP

    Hi, We don't carry sleeping bags just a liner. All the gites, hotels and chambres d'hotes always provide blankets so a liner is sufficient as sheets are not often available and when they are it is at a price. Of the above only at Arzacq-Arrizaguet and Geus d'Arzacq did we have en-suite...
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    Confused about accommodations on the Le Puy route.

    Sorry newfy if you thought I was lecturing, but after 43 years of living in France I think I know what "A demain" and "A bientot" mean, and when to use them. I wasn't lecturing just stating a fact.
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    Crowds on the Le Puy?

    Perhaps all eaten by the "Bete de Gevaudan".......
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    Crowds on the Le Puy?

    The main reason for "Le Sauvage" to fill up is the fact that there is nothing much before, a couple of places in Chanaleilles and practically nothing after for the next 15 kms. Makes it a long walk for the average walker if he (she) misses out at Le Sauvage.
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    Chapelle Rochegude

    No other restful places, just an add-on to the post. If it rains or has been raining that descent from Rochegude can be downright dangerous with wet rocks and mud on the menu.
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    Crowds on the Le Puy?

    I did the bit from Aire sur l'Adour to St Jean Pied de Port in May this year and there were no crowds at all. Yes when you get to your destination in the afternoon or evening you'll find some of the same faces from time to time, but crowds no, not at all. In France it is possible to book...
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    Le Puy in May

    Well, some days last year (2013) we were actually having 5!!! layers at certain times of the day. The wind and cold on the Aubrac plateau can be really something. What I would recommend instead of a full fleece is the thinner long-sleeved underlayer fleeces. We find them in Decathlon here in...
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    Le Puy in May

    Yes true, every evening practically you go down to a river to a town. Then next morning up and up and up. Makes a good way to digest your breakfast. Also lots of rocky gulleys to pass that may also be a local stream if the weather is bad.
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    Thoughts and Questions about Camino Le Puy

    Yes I mentioned that I'd had snow last year from around the 26th/27th May for three days. Started in Fay, on the non GR route (but the real one) through Monistrol until we got the chapel St Roch just after Le Sauvage.
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    Confused about accommodations on the Le Puy route.

    Perhaps, but you would not use "a demain" on the 'phone unless you were sure that you will see the person tomorrow. It's not like manana in Spanish.
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    Can you recommend places to stay at these locations along the route??

    For St Come d'Olt the "Couvent du Malet" is superb. Just a month ago I stayed at the "Gite Compostella" in SJPdP. Private rooms but WC/Bath on the landing. The half-board is taken in a small resto just next to the walls near the church "Chez Edouard".
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    Confused about accommodations on the Le Puy route.

    The "a demain" only if you expect to seem them tomorrow. On the 'phone it probably won't be "tomorrow" so more likely, "Merci a bientot".
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    The Best Accomodation in LePuy

    If you can't afford the above gite, the Accueil St Francois about 100 metres from the cathedral right on top of the hill. May 2013 we paid around 30€ per person for the half board in a double room.
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    Hiking in May - my experience

    The weather we had last year (2013) in May and beginning of June warranted largely the Gore-Tex liner in my North Face boots. No fun walking with wet socks and feet however quickly they may dry. We were caught in such a storm between St Privat and Monistrol that we did the last 5kms on the...