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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendant that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.

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  1. pepi

    Get QR code to enter Spain

    I wonder if one has to produce a negative PCR Test also when having been vaccinated, anyone knows?
  2. pepi

    Pre-Camino walking regimes - are they worth it? Do they work? Are they needed?

    (Almost-) fully agree with you, Sabine, but come on! No alcohol??!! Allow us to classify the Vino Tinto and Blanco as "culture" that is part of the "spiritual Camino", I wouldn't do it without.😎
  3. pepi

    Trail Runners I'm Looking at

    Buy another Hoka SKU with very similar or even better specs, recommending Speedgoat Buen Camino
  4. pepi

    Is cash still King on camino?

    This is what I tried to point out in my post exactly.....😄 The savings on VAT and income tax accumulated is, therefore, a much more important incentive for albergues to insist on cash than the small card fee. However, - and hopefully-, this will change after covid; imagine: an entire Camino...
  5. pepi

    Is cash still King on camino?

    As I pointed out in a similar thread a while ago (a moderator erased my contribution, because he/she felt that it broke some rules...), there is another reason why albergues prefer cash. Payments made by card, Apple- or Google Pay etc. leave traces to which the Spanish IRS has access.
  6. pepi

    COVID Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    @Kathar1na I am sorry to differ, I think that we all should stop posting pure guesswork in this forum and wait for the official regulations. Rules are clearly different for EU citizens and aliens from other countries, especially those living overseas including Britain. (E.g. the PCR test is not...
  7. pepi

    COVID Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    In absence of any alternative proof of vaccination, the WHO certificate is absolutely valid. As however, the EU including Switzerland is currently hastily working on a digital green certificate and such will certainly become the prime "passport" to prove vaccination, when it has been introduced...
  8. pepi

    Modern architecture on the Camino

    Spain is a very progressive leader in modern architecture, (Calatrava for example) and I personally would be very interested in learning, what highlights in such architecture can be found along the Caminos.
  9. pepi

    COVID Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    While the electronic EC vaccination passport will be convenient (for EC residents), Brits, and pilgrims from all other non-EC countries can resort to the long-existing WHO certificate, as @Camineiro pointed out. This certificate is recognized worldwide, it is generally available and issued by...
  10. pepi

    Trail Runners I'm Looking at

    A question to @Robo: You seem to favor Goretex, why? What are the benefits? If it's water resistance, forget it because it does not last. Curious to read your reasoning.
  11. pepi

    If you had an extra day in Bayonne, St. Jean, and Pamplona...

    After experiencing a day in SJPdP at my first and second CF, schedules imposed that I stay overnight in Bayonne on my most recent Camino. I must say that it was a most enjoyable and interesting stop-over. While SJPdP can be explored within a few hours, I warmly recommend planning a full day and...
  12. pepi

    Changing horses in the middle of the Camino

    @Albertagirl, @C clearly, I was referring to walking a man's summer Camino; sorry ladies 🤷 And yes, keeping the pack light is easier when staying in rooms with a bath either at albergues or small pensions, hotels. (my usual CF budget is a bit less than €70/day.) Sorry again, wasn't thinking.
  13. pepi

    Changing horses in the middle of the Camino

    But it's so simple and easy: A set of clothes to wear, another to carry, plus rain gear and toiletry, that's all one needs, so just leave it at that when leaving home. Anything missing can be purchased on the way if really needed. (Once walking a few days, you'll think about buying any...
  14. pepi

    Recipes of food along the Camino

    The Spanish Forum ViveCamino has published some interesting recipes for typical dishes on their site, (in Spanish): Disfrute de su comida