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  1. Peronel

    London- Lyon- Le Puy Summer 2014? Plain..Train? HELP

    That's teh other worry - if I miss that train, I'm stuffed. Which again pushes me towards a transfer, if there is one available.
  2. Peronel

    London- Lyon- Le Puy Summer 2014? Plain..Train? HELP

    I've (finally!) managed to persuade the website to give me the info. But... it looks like an hour on a train then two on a bus, with the first service leaving three hours after my flight lands. Which just seems a bonkers way to waste a day. (Seriously, London to Lyon is both quicker and...
  3. Peronel

    London- Lyon- Le Puy Summer 2014? Plain..Train? HELP

    All becomes clear. Thank you. I'm at the flapping stage of preparation - I'll be fine when I get there.
  4. Peronel

    Ear plugs and the alarm

    I was woken on several occasions by other people's alarms. Snorers can't help themselves. People who deliberately beep in a communal dorm? And at 4am?? Hell hath no fury...
  5. Peronel

    My packing list for Spring/Summer 2015

    I'm a huge fan of stuff sacks. Not only do they keep everything reliably dry, they make it easy to organise your pack. I know that my toothbrush is in the small green one, for example, so can find it no bother.
  6. Peronel

    London- Lyon- Le Puy Summer 2014? Plain..Train? HELP

    Thank you so much. I fly 21st June, and its still showing nothing at all, so I guess I'll just have to wing it when I get there. Is the station in the airport? I fly to St Expury, in case there's more than one!
  7. Peronel

    Help with trains

    I'm really starting to panic a bit. I'm flying into Lyon in mid-June to start from Le Puy. Keep looking at the SNCF website for trains. Nothing shown. Help??
  8. Peronel

    London- Lyon- Le Puy Summer 2014? Plain..Train? HELP

    I'm flying to Lyon mid June and am struggling with the logistics of the train journey to Le Puy. I know there is one, but when? From where? Help? Thank you!
  9. Peronel


    The bar at San Juan de Ortega is fab. Try the morcilla.
  10. Peronel

    Is Templar Castle visible when coming into Ponferrada?

    The books were there in May 2012. I spent several happy hours nosing round the castle. Sadly, all the people I was walking with were too set on the bed race to stop.
  11. Peronel

    Riots in Burgos?

    Agreed. Take the river route into town.
  12. Peronel

    My pack list

    Honestly, your head is likely to be two or three foot at most away from someone else. Someone who may not want to listen to your music as they're drifting off. And, yes, even with the best of headphones (which you won't be carrying - too heavy) there's enough sound leakage to be heard...
  13. Peronel

    Use of credit card on the Camino Francés?

    Cash only everywhere except hotels in the major cities.
  14. Peronel

    Walking from Moissac to Toulouse

    Wayfarer, that sounds brilliant, thank you. Should be a good end to the first stage of the walk. Sorry we're not meeting up, too, but thrilled you'll be back on the camino. (Remember, never try and outdrink Norwegians!) Lovingkindness, that's really helpful, thank you. If you have any...
  15. Peronel

    My comprehensive and honest packing list!

    No specific suggestions, but do make sure to do a trial run of bra and pack together just to make sure that there aren't any pressure points between bra clasps and rucksack straps.