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    Pilgrim Gathering in Sydney, Australia

    Thanks for the info, Sonia. Unfortunately, I'll be in Sydney Feb 23-25, too late... perhaps next time.
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    Walking sticks

    Taking weight and pressure off knees is true. It may not be 25% but using poles does help, especially when going downhill. I believe in using a pair of poles. I am not yet 50 years old and have been athletic most of my life, but now I have developed plantar fasciitis on both feet and the...
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    I recall when I did the CFrances the requirement was to get 2 sellos per day, for the last 100kms. So I just assumed the requirement also applied to the CPortugues' last 100kms, and made sure I got them :)
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    Credentials In Porto

    I think the best option is to get it at the Cathedral of Oporto. It's in the old part of town and overlooks the River Douro. The Cathedral is also the starting point for the walk out of Oporto (we saw the yellow arrows when we were there).
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    .... and we're back...

    Nice set up! :)
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    digital cameras

    When I did the CF, I brought my Canon Powershot A40 with a couple of 250MB (?) compact flash cards and two batteries, plus a charger. Good camera, and it took excellent pictures, but was a bit heavy for a small digital model. When I did the CPortugues last month, I brought my Olympus SP-510...
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    telling the time...

    LOL, I did the same thing and racked up quite a bill. My dad kept track of our progress by asking each day: "How many more kms to go?" :D
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    Bus from Santiago to Tui?

    HI I already replied to you via PM but will post the info here for anyone else who needs it :) We used the Rede Expressos bus company ( and took a bus Lisbon-Fatima, where we visited the sancuary and spent the night. Next day we took the bus Fatima-Valenca. In...
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    telling the time...

    I wore my trusty Timex Expedition watch during both walks. Now the strap is dark and sweat-stained. I only paid attention to my watch whenever I noticed my shadow shortening to less than a foot... which meant it was close to noon... which meant it must be close to lunchtime... which meant I...
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    Certificado Jacobeo Universitario (compostela univesitaria)

    Has anyone walked this route -- the one connected with the universities along the Camino Frances? I know marktqm has done it, I think...
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    Forum Badge vote

    Good idea with the cafe press items. I'll be buying my button badge / sticker / journal, etc. soon :) Let's try and remember to wear the button/badge when 2010 rolls around? That will probably be my next visit to the Camino... during the jubilee. Plus it will be nice to play "spot the...
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    Sticks and poles - what to do....

    I have plantar fascitiis on both feet so walking with trekking poles was more of a necessity for me. Last year on the Frances I used a single telescopic trekking pole while walking with a loaded pack. It was easier to handle than the heavier wooden pole, and basically easier to travel with...
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    Is 1 litre of water enough to carry?

    When I walked the Frances last year, I didn't bring my own bottles; instead I bought, used a few days and then discarded the containers, and then bought new bottled water. Kinda expensive :-) When I walked last month on the Portugues, I brought a 500ml Katadyne bottle with a portable...
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    checking backpacks on international flights

    When I did the CF, I planned to spend a few days in Madrid post-Camino, so I stuffed both my pack and an extra set of clothes into a duffle bag. When I arrived at Lavacolla, I just took out my loaded pack. The duffle with my extra clothes I forwarded to the hotel, which was kind enough to keep...
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    Botafumeiro out of action

    LOL I know that... I was hoping it would swing while I was there, but I guess not. Maybe third time's the charm?