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    Where to Place Engo Patches?

    Did 2 Caminos and can vouch without any reservation Injinjitoe socks, just like a foot glove, and also supplimented with toe separators and an extra pair of socks when I started the Camino. I had some minor issues to start with, but I could not recommend them high enough.
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    The Five Pound Camino Pack

    I do love my Injinji socks as well, did 2 Caminos with little foot trouble..... The pack, well take what you think you need, and ditch / give away stuff on the way when you realise you wont use them, like my sleeping bag on the last trip Buen Camino a todos
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    What was you best moment (apart from walking)?

    Some truly wonderful stories here, for me, it was all the wonderful people I met, who were all carrying their own crosses to bear, and all were enjoying the experience. Having just finished a 4 cycles of Chemotherapy last week, I am planning to walk a small part of the Camino Portuguese next...
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    I walked my first Camino last year, from SJPdP to Santiago in 30 days. I raised GBP 17k for cancer related charities, being close to my heart as I have a terminal prognosis. I never asked one person on my journey for a contribution. All the money went straight to the charities. I paid all of...
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    Why we walk

    Wonderful experience, what true life is all about, and makes you empathetic, humbled and more human. In my own case, I did my first Camino last year, after I was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis, I completed CF in 30 days. Everyone I met had their own reasons, whether stated...
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    What was the hardest part of the Camino de Santiago?

    I did the CF last May 2018. The hardest part for me personally was resisting the very strong urge to buy a ticket back to SJPdP to start it again after the second day in Santiago after I finished. Physically, the downhill to Roncesvalles, after a hard day on day 1. I will be doing the CP from...
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    Training for Camino - my worries

    did my first Camino this year, shared my first night in a cubicle in Ronesevalles with a Swiss family, the father was 90, and did the whole hill (I kid you not) and met them a few stages after, suggestions: 1) buy a pair of hiking boots 1 size too big 2) suggest buying Injinji toe socks or...
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    Super newbie...newbie questions (sorry)

    Hi Sam, a few of the thoughts and things that worked for me, as I did my first Camino this year, starting 1 May, finishing 1 June this year. 1) dont plan too much, take it as it comes, some days you will want to walk far, others you wont. 2) I took 2 changes of clothes, and all worked well for...
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    Wanting to avoid all albergues

    Chuck, how ya doing friend, hope you got back well......
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    Wanting to avoid all albergues

    I started the CF on 1st May and finished 1st June this year, my first time. I stayed a few nights in Albergues, however gave up due to the obvious reasons and stayed in Pensions, Hostels, Hotels. The are advantages / disadvantages to both, however I dont regret mixing it up, and I have always...