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  1. pipello

    COVID Airline vouchers 2021 to 2022

    October 10, 2021 or 22? And just within Spain?
  2. pipello

    How the Via Francigena is Different from the Camino de Santiago

    Thank you for this description. I am reading "Pilgrimage to Eternity" now by Timothy Eagan and considering cycling and or walking at least parts of this route.
  3. pipello

    Budapest to Santiago

    Did you walk this route? We are thinking about cycling (when it's safe and open). Thanks, Looking for any experiences, information on cycling from Budapest to Santiago.
  4. pipello

    Via de la Plata in reverse

    Is this the blog you refer to?
  5. pipello

    Via de la Plata in reverse

    N630 is the road and I can attest to its sheer delight on a bike! We rode from Salamanca south in October and had a fabulous time though going north to south did not contribute to it feeling like a camino but more like an adventure. We did meet peregrinos along the way and had no trouble...
  6. pipello

    Starting from Madrid by bike 19 April

    Thank you so much. We'll have to consider the fatter tyres. We may just decide to transport to Leon or Gijon and ride from there and stay more in the south when it gets into November.
  7. pipello

    Starting from Madrid by bike 19 April

    Hi. My husband and I are going to cycle the VDLP north to south in mid October. We are thinking about cycling the Camino de Madrid to connect since we are flying into Madrid. Did you ride the roads paralleling the Camino de Madrid? We have folding road bikes so we don't want to ride rough...
  8. pipello

    prevailing winds?

    We are planning to ride our bicycles along the Via de la Plata in October, 2019. When we rode in France, the mistral went from north to south along the Rhone and so it was advisable to ride in that direction. Does the wind make any difference on the VDLP? Thank you!
  9. pipello

    VdlP via Sanabres or Continue along to the Frances

    Thank you. Yes, I saw this. Great blog! Thanks.
  10. pipello

    VdlP via Sanabres or Continue along to the Frances

    My husband and I are planning to cycle the Via de la Plata in October this year. Wondering if you cycled on the camino or via the parallel road? We have road bikes. Also, we are thinking of cycling north to south as we have been to Santiago as an end stop 4 times. Since it will be later in...
  11. pipello

    The Unlikely Rise of the Pastel de Nata, and Why It’s Suddenly Everywhere

    Ok then, we all agree on its deliciousness. Anyone have a great recipe?
  12. pipello

    Walking with my parents, who are mid-70's

    Applause! Can you hear it? I hope to follow in your footsteps, even if I choose to have my backpack transported!
  13. pipello

    Too old?

    Hi. I agree wholeheartedly. My husband and I just completed the Portuguese and with good shoes, we were not bothered by the tarmac, including the cobblestones. No blisters. We carried our packs but did keep them light. We had no compunctions about taking a cab or public transport if we...
  14. pipello

    Porto Santiago coastal route in 10 days

    This is exactly the time and route that we just completed only we stayed in Porto two nights and the first day we walked to Matasinhos and then took the metro back to our hotel. The following day we began in earnest by taking the Metro to Matasinhos and then on to Vila do Conde. Loved it!
  15. pipello

    Sellos and rest day in the last 100 km?

    Hold on!! We are almost in Padron a day away from Santiago and have walked every bit of the Camino since Porto but only got one sello per day. We have walked the Frances twice and cycled the Norte. This rule is news to me. Is it true that we won’t receive our Compostelas this time?!!