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    Let's talk waist packs!

    Thieves love tourists with fanny packs! Simply distract the victim, insert knife into bottom of fanny pack, make slit, then the cash, credit cards and passport all fall out the bottom. Don't fall for this scam! -Paul
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    My Situation on booking the flight

    How did you acquire your hiking skills? Did you start at 500 miles for your first hike? More likely is that you spent years making lots of small hikes and gradually learning and improving your hiking skills. Travel skills are the same way. Take a trip to London as your first introduction to...
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    COVID Spain Is Now the Safest EU Destination (Oct 31, 2021)

    Recommendations from the US State department: Spain: Level 3: Reconsider Travel Portugal: Level 3: Reconsider Travel UK: Level 4: Do Not Travel -Paul
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    How common are double bed bunks on the CF?

    Yes, co-ed toilets and showers do exist on the Camino. In my experience, individual privacy was always protected. It just feels a little odd knowing that the person in the cabin next to you might be of the opposite sex. As an American, it feels strange, but Europeans are much more comfortable...
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    How common are double bed bunks on the CF?

    Uncomfortable? Yes! But no one has died from the experience. Perhaps it is good penance to practice toleration of your fellow brother or sister. This humbling experience will give you a much better appreciation of the next night in a hotel room with private bath. -Paul
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    How common are double bed bunks on the CF?

    I suggest that you watch the Camino Documentary: Six ways to Santiago. Pilgrim Annie is forced to sleep on the floor next to some strange guy. When Annie is struggles to walk the Camino on the following day, the same stranger carries her pack for her. -Paul
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    Poncho quandry — Altus, Frogg Toggs, Vaude, or something else?

    Whatever you use for gear, don't wait until you get to Spain to try it out. Train in the rain with your gear and get to know the strength and weakness. Improve your rain gear and try it out again on the next rain day, -Paul
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    Compeed vs hikers wool or both?

    Based on advice in this forum, I tried putting a panty liner in each boot. The theory was to absorb moisture from sweat and prevent blisters. It did nothing for me except leave a sticky mess in my boot. I'm glad I tried it out on a training walk. I would be silly for me to carry a backpack...
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    Compeed vs hikers wool or both?

    I train up to walking 70 KM on a weekend, plus 10 KM during the week carrying a full pack. One 3-day weekend, I did a full 100K. Rain allows me to test out my rain gear. Yes, I did get blisters, but learned how to care for them and how to minimize them. I experimented with multiple methods...
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    Compeed vs hikers wool or both?

    If you are not walking enough in training to get a blister, then you are not training hard enough! You can then practice taking care of you blister that you acquired during training. Training also allows you to experiment with various ways to avoid blisters. Socks? lubricant? others? Find...
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    COVID Any reason for concern about post covid surge in 2022?

    How many people over-estimate daily mileage that their body can handle, then fall behind in hotel schedule and have to cancel? These rooms/beds are then available to anyone present with cash in hand. Any hotel in Spain or other parts of Europe that I have entered with no vacancy have always...
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    Currency ($ to E)

    You always *loose* when exchanging money! All you can do is to minimize the loss. Sorry, no free lunch! -Paul
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    E-Sim card

    Yes, you can use Xfinity Mobile internationally! Spain is only 20 cents/minute, 10 cents/text, 10 cents/MB data. For details, see: -Paul
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    Remote working from the Camino Frances

    I work full time and found it nearly impossible to get six weeks off for a Camino. Instead, I took two weeks off over three years and completed the Camino from St Jean. PP. I don't think doing the Camino this way diminished the experience. If fact, I was more excited each year to return. -Paul
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    Running shoes, not trail runners

    It not that the shoes need a break-in period, but it is your entire body that needs a break-in period to walk 20-30K per day with a full pack. Start slowly at home and gradually build up distance. Test out your footwear and other equipment at home and make changes where required. There is not...